Samsung: From Small Business to Worldwide Corporate Empire

Samsung, like many successful businesses, started small. The company was founded in pre-World War II Korea as a vegetable and fish exporter, a far cry from the company’s modern, high-tech operations. As is also true of the most successful businesses, Samsung has evolved with the times, staying just ahead of ...

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Silicon Valley’s Power of the Mind

Silicon Valley’s power of the mind can be seen in the way companies worldwide are scouting for mind power. The statistics behind the brain power behind companies within the Silicon Valley area can be seen with the financial gain these organizations have garnered. To take every detail into perspective, it ...

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Google’s Three Major Financial Players

It almost seems like a trick. Over 80% of all Internet users go to Google's free search engine if they want to find a website, but somehow Google is able to make billions of dollars. If you’re having a hard time finding out how Google is making money, then it’s ...

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The Dawn of the Mobile Web

When you woke up this morning chances are you checked a web page or you email using a mobile device. You were not alone – web traffic from mobile devices such as phones and tablets has been on the increase since 2010. This trend is set to continue in the ...

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cost effective communication

Cost Effective Communication Options For Start-up Businesses

Starting up a new business is always an invigorating challenge. One of the biggest hurdles to jump is finding a useful, yet cost-effective communication system. In today’s modern era, a business cannot survive without being linked into the digital age. In this article, we will look at some of the options small ...

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8 Apps To Help A Busy Journalist

If you’re a budding journalist, getting stories ahead of the competition can often require keeping unpredictable and very busy schedules.  You need to be mobile and organised and  Android devices and iPhones are extremely handy tools when it comes to  managing all your tasks (and they contain some pretty useful ...

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mobile online

5 Free Ways To Test Your Site For Mobile Capability

If you’re wondering what to focus on as you invest in building your online business or brand, the importance of mobile optimization cannot be emphasized enough. As ecommerce has been on the rise, so has the use of mobile devices to browse and make purchases online. Leading researchers predict mobile ...

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How To Use Your iPhone As A Jobhunting Tool

It is inevitable that the following phrase must have been uttered in recent history: 'Why don't you stop playing with your iPhone and look for a job?' However, there are now many ways that an iPhone can be used for recruitment purposes, and it is an idea tool for spending ...

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Top Five Money Saving Apps

Everyone loves saving money, and now there are even apps to help you with your mission.  We have moved on, technologically, from the piggy bank, but the end goal remains the same.  Sure, saving up your pennies, selling old, shipping off clothes on eBay and generally cost cutting are all ...

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onlline accounting

Five Of The Best Cloud Accounting Services

Online accounting services have taken the business world by storm, they provide advanced functionality that makes managing your cash flow far less time consuming. The ability to import electronic bank statements and identify recurring payments automatically is a huge leap forward, allowing you to match sales and purchase ledger transactions to ...

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