Car Rental France – Tips

Car Rental Tips for France

Rent a car usually not as simple as it seems, always be alert and have several things in Mind before renting.

The Useful tips for Car Rental France are as below…

  • While examining the lease before signing.
  • The requirements for renting a car is: Have a minimum of one year driver’s license, and an approximate age of 25 years for hiring a car.
  • It is very important to check with the insurance details are included are what we need.
  • See detailed extras like is there any other options offered by the company or not.
  • Normally the fuel tank will be full and return it equally, if not full claim.
  • In general, assistance is available 24 hours, it is important to have your hand for such assistance if we need to use it.
  • There may be a limit of miles to do, look carefully before you sign the contract and, if so get informed of the fee if you exceed that maximum km. They usually include 350 km per day, although companies can reduce it more economical to 100 km or less.
  • A lot of responsibility with the use of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is associated with the third party insurance, i.e. it covers expenses that your chances to other vehicles or people. Damage to the vehicle itself is usually not covered, so that gives you the recruitment of additional insurance to cover such damage.
  • Take pictures at the rental car, before and after delivery.
  • You’ll always be cheaper diesel fuel and the rental price is usually the same.
  • There is an option that you will benefit by driving a vehicle with advertising, which will result in a lower rent.
  • Before accepting the final step, read carefully all terms and conditions contained.

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