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Everyone likes to talk a lot over the phone and stay in touch with his or her near and dear ones. However, nobody really likes paying huge phone bills for the same. Understanding this user behavior, there came in several applications in the market for users of smartphones, to help them make free calls, and communicate free of cost. These apps run on the basis of Internet facilities on one’s phone, and enable a person to make free voice calls, video calls, and even send free texts or messages.

So which are the best applications out of all the ones that are available?


It started as a great tool for making free calls via one’s computer, and gradually came to smartphones. Available over quite a lot of handsets, this application enables people to make free calls, send IMs, and also make video calls. Similar to the initial features that one had over the computer, one can also send and receive files.

Apart from that, if a user wishes to call a regular number, for instance, for international calling, then Skype has a system of ‘buying credit’, which helps one to make regular calls from their application to other phones.


This one is catching up quickly in the market for free calling applications, and it seems to be doing quite well with the users recently. It enables one to send and receive free SMS, and make and receive calls – regular and free, both.

The good thing about Viber is that it does not ask for any lengthy verification upon installation. Once downloaded and installed, this app scans the address book and lists out contacts that have Viber on their phones. Voice quality on this application is excellent, and the feature of sending emails directly from Viber is a boon for many people.


Fring is similar to Skype in a lot of ways, except that it gives a lot of options for users to add additional features from AOL and Google Talk etc. It is available for quite a lot of phones, and free calling obviously requires the other person to have Fring too. However, there is chat and regular calling also, which works quite well. The regular calling rates via Fring credit are slightly cheaper, as compared to Skype.

The app now has an additional feature, to allow up to four people over a data connection to make video calls.


Nimbuzz is mostly popular for the fact that it lets users add contacts from a lot of places, including the unconventional MySpace! So apart from free texts and calls and videos, one can also have photo and music sharing.

Credits can be used to make regular calls, and the web-chat feature can be used over computers to connect with one’s contacts. So it basically does decently well on phones and computers both.

Tru App

Tru App lets people connect with Skype and Gtalk contacts as well, apart from Tru App contacts. It gives decent quality free calling, with nominal charges for calls to landlines and other mobile phones. One also has the option of going in for a Tru SIM card, which gives better calling plans to avoid extra costs during roaming.

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    These apps are real great but they communicate only among themselves so these cannot be used as general purpose. Many service providers allow free calling but toll free calling is a complete new feature that no app supports.

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