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One of the biggest changes in the world of the arts in recent times has been the arrival of the tablet computer. This device has allowed users to become all the more creative when it comes to creating everything from music to painting and has really added an extra dimension.

Though we often see painters like David Hockney and others using the iPad for painting and other merited artistic tasks, it is also well renowned as a game change for musicians, thanks to some of the great sheet music apps out there. Sheet music on the iPad or tablet comes with a range of features that really make it extremely useful and a very practical alternative to the real paper thing. Of course, some people hate sheet music from a computer screen, but for many it’s a game changer. So, here are the best sheet music apps for tablets.


This app is one of the lowest costing sheet music apps for the iPad and is extremely easy to use. It comes with a range of features that will impress people, especially considering the price. Additions such as zoom to eliminate margins, iPod linked audio and scores via a PDF that can also be easily transferred make for a great music sheet reader. There will even be hands free turning of sheets in the future added – making it a great piece of sheet music software.


This is another great app, but perhaps more suited towards those who are using their iPad to aid them when playing on stage. The app comes with a set list, so all your songs are there and also a metronome feature so you can gig away no matter the problem. It really pushes towards usage by on stage musicians and has some great features for organising music. This ensures there’s no fluster onstage and you will know where all your sheet music and everything else is.


This app is free but you will need the computer version to import scores. It’s a pretty clean and quite spot on sheet music app, though it doesn’t take PDF files and there is a lengthy way of importing. It also doesn’t have the range of options many of the competitors have, but it is free and there is a lot going for it.

Notation Pad

This app is based around annotation and includes a range of music symbols most others don’t have. These can all be resized, changed and look very professional and it can all be sent quite easily thanks to PDF and JPG support, which is always a nice addition.


Those learning to play classical pieces will love this free app and it comes with a range of nice features and some great pieces of sheet music for you to learn from. There’s play backs of recordings and it looks quite like iBooks to be honest, only obviously for music and not reading. It’s well designed and ideal for starters.

Westmount Music have a large range of sheet music for those who like to do things in a traditional, non-appy sort of way!

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