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Lack of basic security increases burglary risk tenfold

If you are heading off on your holidays this summer, home contents insurance is likely to be the last thing on your mind. The lure of sun, sea sand and pure relaxation is so overwhelming that it is easy to forget about your life and home whilst away.

But according to research, failing to use basic security measures in your home could result in your risk of burglary increasing tenfold[1]. Coming home to find you’ve been broken into is not the kind of welcome home anyone wants to receive.

Nick Starling, ABI director of general insurance, said[2]

Having adequate home insurance protection for when your home is unoccupied is a must.

Length of absence only becomes a significant factor in buying a policy if your home is likely to be empty for a prolonged period.

What is of more importance is you heed any conditions the policy sets out on issues such as security to ensure you don’t invalidate any potential claim.

Different Types Of Model trains

Earlier this year, James May, one of the presenters on Top Gear; travelled to the Tarka Trail in Devon to rebuild a former railway line, but in miniature model. There was clearly much interest in this project from May and volunteers of the project. The project involved a ten mile track using Hornby OO gauge [...]

Showing off your lifelike dolls

Collectable dolls have long been highly desirable pieces, whether just a single doll or a large collection. They are unique pieces made with intricate designs and craftsmanship; many of these dolls are so special that they leave us wanting more. However, some of us don’t know where to put our lifelike dolls once we buy [...]

Beginner to Pro: Great UK Golf Courses

Golf has long been an activity appealing to businesses, sporting superstars, and pro-golfers themselves; however it is now a sport that is accessible throughout the UK for many others who want to give it a go. We’ve found a few great UK golf courses, ranging from those ideal for beginners to the toughest of the [...]

iPhone App Available for Life Insurance Quotes

An Australian software company is now offering a new application for the iPhone that will allow consumers to get instant life insurance quotes. Omnium, a vendor based in Sydney, has developed the first app of its kind for the life insurance market. Many professionals within the industry are excited about this new technology. It allows [...]

Vaper’s Club President: FDA is blocking research into the electronic cigarette

The US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) is obstructing research into an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes that kill more than 400,000 Americans a year, according to Spike Babaian, President of the National Vapers’ Club, a consumer association set up to promote and protect the electronic cigarette. In an interview with E Cigarette Direct, Spike [...]

Meth Production and Mississippi’s OTC Drug Ban

By Jacob Maslow, Marketing Director of Allergy Be Gone. Have a stuffy nose from a cold, or mild allergy symptoms? Well, if you live in Mississippi you’ll have to see your doctor for a cold or allergy relief medication with pseudoephedrine as one of the ingredients. Sudafed, Zyrtec D, Mucinex D, Nyquil D, and Advil [...]

Fashion over Technology? The ‘Pink Effect’

Are women less able to grasp technology? Are men smarter?  Why is it that when they make computers specially marketed for women they focus so much on the colour and the matching bag and forget all about the specs? Are women being scammed? Are we paying more for the ‘pink effect’ and are left with [...]

Solar Power: A practical way to save your money

There is no doubt about it: the world is running out of its energy. We are using more power than our fossil fuels can sustain, and with a steeply rising population, one can see a dark and cold future for humanity. But, although normally inclined to cause destruction and evil, some of the world’s leading [...]

The Most Common Complaints Before, After, During Flights!

Everyone gets a little cranky before, after or during a flight. It’s common nature for someone to get a little wound up with all the waiting around, finding out your luggage has gone missing, or sitting next to a massive, huge ummm, passenger! So what are these complaints, and are they ones that mean anything [...]