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Actually, Guest Blogger is the login that I use to publish the articles that were sent to me by mail, mainly from members of the My Blog Guest forum.

Micro Pig: Would I Need To Stop Eating Bacon?

For the past year the latest celebrity pet craze has evolved beyond those awful handbag dogs into something much cuter.  I have to say it: Micro pigs are so cute! I’ve always wanted to have a pig for a pet but thought they are too big for a flat, but the micro pig, or ‘teacup [...]

Compensation Claims from the U.S.A

When it comes to making compensation claims no one quite does it like the Americans. There has been a history of claiming compensation in the U.S. and some of the stories used to fill out the statements to make a claim and rather strange to say the least. This is not to say that the [...]

Alex Zanardi: An Inspiration to Disabled People Everywhere

Anyone that competes in motor racing is leaving themselves open to risk, by far and away the most dangerous form of sport in the world, drivers will often entrust their lives to the integrity of the carbon fiber and aluminum shells that surround them. Before being allowed to compete in any form of professional motorsport, [...]

Reaping the Positive Benefits of Internship

Internships can be vital in helping to gain experience in a new line of work. With the current instability in the job market and the bleak economic outlook there has never been a better time to gain real world experience within a new career. In terms of my own situation I have been unemployed for [...]

Things to remember when buying yourself a games computer!

One of the most annoying things, is buying a top of the range computer, setting you back about 1500 dollars, or 1000 pounds, only to find that it doesn’t actually play any of your newly bought games! Common problems that face people are those that usually are misconceived. First and foremost, your processor speed, it [...]

How Kiosks will Benefit Your Company

A long line due to inadequate staffing or new hires is a frustrating situation for the shopper that has a schedule to keep. Whether heading to work or trying to preserve a relaxing weekend or one with social obligations. Even emergency purchases need not be delayed because relevant information about a product or service cannot [...]

The New Home Brew

When I was a nipper my dad used to have strange white globes in the garage and airing cupboards. Murky liquids with sickly sweet smells would occasionally bubble up through twisted glass valves, elsewhere in the house corked bottles were piled up and would sometimes pop disgorging rancid fruit and vegetable experiments all over the [...]

Business Inspiration

Around the time I finally decided that I was going to set up my own international healthcare electives organisation was when I was working for a company which arranges volunteering placements overseas in far flung developing destinations around the world. I think that one of the contributing factors to this momentous decision was that despite [...]

How to Build a Laptop

Unlike a desktop computer putting a laptop can be a little more complicated. Unfortunately there are not many resources available to help when it comes to building laptops. The aim of this article is therefore to talk you through the steps you will need to put together you own high speed laptop. With a desktop [...]

Instant Online Car Insurance to Soften the Blow from Texas Auto Insurance Hike

Motorists from the Lone Star State can expect auto insurance rates to increase in 2011. Back in 2008, Texans were also made to endure an increase in liability rates upon buying or renewing a car policy. If you reside in Texas and if you drive a car, then you should already be on the lookout [...]