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Weird names for Spa Treatments, what do they mean?

Recently I took it upon myself to investigate the world of « Spa Holidays», the holiday that is realistically the most poignant meaning of the word « holiday ». Of course all holidays in definition are something that you embark on to get away from everything, where you can relax. The literal definition of a holiday is; « A day free from work that one may spend at leisure, especially a day on which custom or the law dictates a halting of general business activity to commemorate or celebrate a particular event ».

Upon my investigation into these Spa Holidays I discovered that many of them I had no clue about, I didn’t even know how to pronounce some of them. So I did what any husband would do and turned to the wife, to see if she could shed some light. However she had no idea what these things were either, and she works in the travel industry. So I did some digging around, do you have any idea what the following spa treatments are:

Tunisia: How the US got it wrong

One sign read “Game Over”. But in fact, the game has barely started.

The Facebook generation has taken to the streets and the “Jasmin Revolt” has become a revolution, at least as of the time of writing. And the flight of former President Ben Ali to Saudi Arabia is inspiring people across the Arab world to take to the streets and warn their own sclerotic and autocratic leaders that they could soon face a similar fate.

As the French paper Le Monde described it, scenes that were “unimaginable only days ago” are now occurring with dizzying speed. Already, in Egypt, Egyptians celebrate and show solidarity over Tunisia’s collapse, chanting “Kefaya” and “We are next, we are next, Ben Ali tell Mubarak he is next.” Protests in Algeria and Jordan could easily expand thanks to the inspiration of the tens of thousands of Tunisians, young and old, working and middle class, who toppled one of the world’s most entrenched dictators. Arab bloggers are hailing what has happened in Tunisia as “the African revolution commencing… the global anti-capitalist revolution.”

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Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez

In late November, Venezuela was hammered by torrential rains and flooding that left 35 people dead and roughly 130,000 homeless. If George Bush had been president, instead of Hugo Chavez, the displaced people would have been shunted off at gunpoint to makeshift prison camps–like the Superdome–as they were following Hurricane Katrina. But that’s not the way Chavez works. The Venezuelan president quickly passed “enabling” laws which gave him special powers to provide emergency aid and housing to flood victims. Chavez then cleared out the presidential palace and turned it into living quarters for 60 people, which is the equivalent of turning the White House into a homeless shelter. The disaster victims are now being fed and taken care of by the state until they can get back on their feet and return to work.

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Tunisia’s bitter cyberwar

Thousands of Tunisians have taken to the streets in recent weeks to call for extensive economic and social change in their country.

Among the fundamental changes the protesters have been demanding is an end to the government’s repressive online censorship regime and freedom of expression.

That battle is taking place not just on the country’s streets, but in internet forums, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

The Tunisian authorities have allegedly carried out targeted “phishing” operations: stealing users passwords to spy on them and eradicate online criticism. Websites on both sides have been hacked.

Anonymous, the loosely-knit group of international web activists that drew world attention for their “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks on the servers of companies that blocked payments and server access to the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, joined the fray, in solidarity with the Tunisian uprising.

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Turning All Cars Electric Impossible?

Here in the UK people are looking to save the environment and well the planet really I guess and by making all of the cars in the UK electric powered we would certainly be doing the world a massive favour but I just do not think this is ever going to happen. Here is why [...]

Aloe Vera and other medicinal plants

Plants have been utilised for thousands of years, in a vast range of preparations, to heal and soothe medical complaints. Aloe vera is one such plant that has many medical applications. It has anti-inflammatory properties resulting from the polysaccharides and glycoproteins contained within, which stimulate skin repair and growth[1] and reduce pain[2]. For this reason, [...]

7 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Fashion Blog

One of the best ways to express your fashion sense and display some of the new styles you are interested in or want to experiment with is to start you own fashion blog. Once you build up a following you will be able to interact with your audience and see what they think of your [...]

Winter Holidays in Devon

Devon located in the South West of England is most well known for its summer holidays set amidst sandy beaches and rolling hills. However there is still a lot of fun to be had during winter in this beautiful corner of the UK. First of all there is a great range of accommodation available throughout [...]

The Best Of British Breaks

British holiday resorts have faced a decline since the advent of the package holiday. With their associations with dodgy amusement arcades and dreary weather they offer much less than ten days in Majorca for about the same price. Well, that used to be the case anyway. Today the British holiday resort is once again coming [...]

1.66 Million Toyota Cars Recalled

The world’s largest car maker Toyota has just released a statement announcing that some 1.66 million cars around the world need to be recalled and repaired because there are safety concerns regarding the brakes and engines. This is not the first time Toyota has recalled their cars  within the past twelve months Toyota has already [...]