Global Warming In The Arctic Above All Predictions

According to a WWF 100 pages report that was released yesterday, the Arctic has warmed at about twice the rate of the rest of the globe over the last decades, and is projected to grow throughout this century and beyond. The climate change is affecting the Arctic’s physical and biological systems earlier and in a [...]

Convert Your PS3 In A Supercomputer

Well, I must admit: I don’t like video games, but I like game consoles because they can be hacked into cheap but very powerfull PC. With the Playstation 3 and its Cell BE processor, Sony has conceived a supercomputer that has the best performance/cost ratio on the market. For less than $400, you get a [...]

North Korea : UN Security Council To Adopt Exemplary Sanctions

According to Western diplomatic sources, members of United Nations Security Council have reached an agreement to punish North Korea for violating UN Resolution 1718 of October 14, 2006 , with the underground nuclear test on last Monday. The representatives of the five permanent members of the Security Council, United States, United Kingdom, France, China and [...]

Greenpeace Accuses Lula Of Financing The Destruction Of The Amazon

Greenpeace has released a 140 page report accusing the President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of funding farmers and meat business, considered as the biggest destroyers of the Amazon rainforest, through the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The report says the National Bank has granted loans by billions of dollars to the [...]

Chile: Soldier Who Killed Victor Jara On Trial

After 36 years of silence, Jose Paredes, one of the soldiers who executed the theater director, poet and songwriter Victor Jara in September 1973, confessed his involvement and was arrested and brought to trial by order of Judge Juan Fuentes, who is investigating the case. Paredes was a member of the squad that killed Victor [...]

North Korea Threatens To Attack South Korea

North Korea has launched the sixth short-range missile in three days and declared not being bound anymore by the ceasefire agreement signed in 1953. According to the South Korean agency Yonhap, Pyongyang has indicated that North Korea does no longer consider itself bound by the ceasefire signed in 1953 by both nations after the Korean [...]

North Korea Defying The International Community

North Korea has launched three short-range missiles this morning, just after an underground nuclear test . Pyongyang announced this morning having conducted a successful underground nuclear test, more powerful than the previous 2006 test which had led to international sanctions. The test was immediately followed by the launch of three short-range missiles in less than [...]

Kim Jong-il Seeking An Heir For The Throne Of The Communist Dynasty

Little is known about what happens in the most secret country of the world, but since Kim Jong-il suffered a stroke in last August, there have been some movements that were quickly interpreted by observers as a succession race. According to South Korean experts, this could explain why North Korea has hardened its stance towards [...]

Spanish Researchers Find A New Analgesic More Potent Than Morphin

Researchers from the “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas” (CSIC) have found a synthetic derivative of morphine which, when administered in rats, shows an analgesic effect one hundred times more powerful and twice as durable than morphine, as well as having fewer side effects. The finding, published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, opens the door [...]

Could It Be The Missing Link In Anthropoid Evolution?

The New York Natural History Museum presents the remains of a primate that could be the “missing link”. Ida is 47 million years old but is very well preserved for its age. “It is the most complete primate fossil that was ever found,” explains the group of scientists that is presenting today the remains of [...]