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Build an Online Training Course with ProProfs is a multi-feature site that has a lot of options for educators and marketers. With it, you can build a multi-media-rich poll, survey, quiz and now a training course. The tool has an easy-to-use, yet highly functional online training … Continue reading

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Top 10 Apps for Mobile Geeks

In the last decade, iPhones have become as attached to our daily lives as our car keys. iPhone users know they’re not just pretty for gadget geeks to look at and admire, but are very useful. Any business person, or … Continue reading

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5 Websites That Will Teach Your Children About Money And Savings

Money education is one of the hardest, yet crucial elements of upbringing. If you need help education your kids about money, here are 5 awesome websites that help teach kids how to manage money while having fun! 1. Credit Card … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Charts: Track Your Weight Using Twitter!

Weight Loss Charts is a free fun tool that lets you track your weight daily via Twitter. In essence, it lets you send your weight daily via Twitter DM. If you forget to send your weight, the tool will send … Continue reading

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LOCql: Ask and Answer Location-Based Questions is a location-based question and answer site that helps people find answers to places they are related to or interested in. This is not exactly a free tool, but a free service that help people for real daily problems.

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MyWebCareer: Monitor Your Online Career Score

MyWebCareer is a new exciting tool that lets you evaluate, visualize and track your professional footprint. The tool aggregates data from your social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook) and combines it with Google search results to measure your online footprint.

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Tweet What You Eat

Tweet What You Eat is designed to be a public food journal, one which members try to keep faithfully so their followers can see how they are doing in regards to any specific diet they may be on.

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