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Chefs 'most unhealthy profession'

Tue, 12/22/2009 - 08:09
Chefs appear to have more unhealthy habits than any other profession while those in advertising are near paragons of virtue, a survey suggests.

Stem cell cure for attack victim

Tue, 12/22/2009 - 06:25
Scientists in Newcastle use a stem cell technique to repair the vision of a man partially blinded in an ammonia attack.

'Burn off' Christmas with a walk

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 19:03
The public have been urged to have an active festive break, with a walk on Christmas Day to burn off calories from lunch.

Live transplants hit 3,000 figure

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 19:03
Three thousand people have been approved for a living transplant donation since regulation by the Human Tissue Authority began.

Fears over child fitness levels

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 19:03
Sedentary lifestyles are making children less fit - even among those who are not obese, a study suggests.

Obama hails health vote 'victory'

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 14:04
US President Barack Obama hails the Senate's healthcare vote as a "big victory for the American people".

Doctor warns of festive injuries

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 09:33
A casualty doctor says his department deals with the same bizarre injuries every Christmas.

Embryo screening test is 'safe'

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 08:59
An embryo screening test called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is safe for the children of singleton pregnancies, Belgian researchers say.

Killer nurse's appeal thrown out

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 06:56
A former nurse jailed for killing four patients at two Leeds hospitals loses his appeal against his conviction.

Separated twins leave hospital

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 05:00
Twin girls who were joined at the head leave hospital in Australia after recovering well from a 32-hour operation.

Cold warning for cancer patients

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 02:58
One-in-four cancer patients will be forced back to bed this Christmas because they cannot afford heating, a charity warns.

Branch clue to child bone secrets

Sun, 12/20/2009 - 22:55
The way a tree branch breaks could help improve understanding of "greenstick fractures" which are particularly common in children.

Cervical cancer link to early sex

Sun, 12/20/2009 - 22:51
Having sex at an early age has been found to double the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Country remedy

Sat, 12/19/2009 - 19:53
The power of Kenny Rogers to help the brain recover

Parents 'misled' by food labels

Sat, 12/19/2009 - 18:58
Nine out of 10 mothers questioned in a British Heart Foundation survey misunderstood the nutrition information on children's foods.

Whisky effects 'worse than vodka'

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 19:00
A study suggests vodka produces less of a hangover than whisky - but has the same effect on performance at work.

Scientists calculate the dimensions of a perfect face

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 10:28
Scientists believe they have worked out the dimensions of the most attractive female face.

Wales seeks organ powers

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 10:00
Wales may become the first part of the UK to introduce an opt-out system of organ donation under assembly government plans.

Many drink 'more than they think'

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 06:57
The amount of alcohol people think they drink adds up to 44 million bottles of wine a week short of reality, UK survey finds.

Non-urgent health number trialled

Fri, 12/18/2009 - 05:27
Trials of a new three-digit telephone number for patients seeking non-emergency medical care in England to be launched.


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