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Iranian Emad Baghi Received The "Nobel" Human Rights Prize

Madrid (Spain): the Iranian Islamic theologian Emad Baghi was awarded with the 2009 Martin Ennals Award, considered the Nobel Prize for Human Rights, from a jury which includes representatives of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and eight other NGOs.

At a press conference today, the president of the jury and also president of the Martin Ennals Foundation), Hans Thoolen, underlined the enormous courage and tenacity of Baghi, who during the last ten years has spent 4 years in prison, has been arrested 67 times and has been threatened with death for his writings, which condemns the death penalty as contrary to the precepts of the Koran.

Emad Baghi, the second Iranian citizen to receive the Martin Ennals in recent years, use arguments based on Islamic precepts to promote has promoted gender equality and to combate torture in his country.

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Israel Starts Building Its First New Colony In 26 Years

Although Netanyahu had promised not to build new settlements, his government gave its approval yesterday for a new colony (the first in 26 years) to be built near the bank of the Jordan river.

Sounds like a slap in the face of the U.S. president, in answer to his call for a Palestinian state.

According to Yariv Oppenheimer, secretary general of the Jewish Peace Now NGO , this action from the Netanyahu Government is intended to make impossible the "two states" solution promoted by Barack Obama.

This is a new serious obstacle on the road toward a peace agreement, but it is not the only one.

The fifth round of talks between Hamas and Fatah in Cairo yesterday ended without results. For more than a year, Egypt has pressed the two sides to reach an agreement to allow the formation of a unity government.

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Obama Calls For A Palestinian State

As expected, Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, who met yesterday at the White House, proved to have opposite visions on two crucial issues: the U.S. president refused to set a precise deadline for Iran to renounce nuclear weapons and emphasized the need for a Palestinian state, and the Israeli prime minister stongly disagreed on both points. The four hours reunion ended with no more success than the rhetoric of mutual commitment to pursue peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

As the two leaders reminded it, United States and Israel share a long tradition of special relationship in which Washington takes the security of the Jewish state as a responsibility.

Both states have had and still have common enemies and common goals in the most turbulent region of the planet. Their alliance is not in danger because it can not be. But Obama and Netanyahu were unable yesterday to to reach an agreement in order to address the current problems.

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Sri Lanka: The Army Claims "Final Victory" Against The Tigers

The Sri Lankan Army has proclaimed the final victory in the bloody war against the Tamil Tigers, after announcing the death of the LTTE leader.

A military source has informed the Reuters news agency that the leader of the Liberation Front Earth Tamil (LTTE), Vellupillai Prabahakaran, has died in the combat zone while trying to flee the military offensive.

"It is confirmed that Prabahakaran was killed while trying to escape in an ambulance before dawn. We are waiting for the official announcement by the president," said a military spokesman who wished to remain anonymous.

The same military sources have reported that hundreds of Tigers have been killed in the fighting. Along with the Tamil leader, Portu Rabbah, number two of the separatist group, and Charles Anthony, son of Prabahakaran are also reported dead.

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Aung San Suu Kyi Trial Opens Today

The Burmese military junta accuses the leader of the National League for Democracy of having broken her house arrest conditions.

The trial against the leader of the movement for democracy and Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, for allegedly violating conditions of her house arrest, has begun today in the maximum security prison Insein 5rangoon), as reported by sources from the National League for Democracy (NLD).

The trial which will last approximately 2 weeks, is conducted by 2 military judges, and the prosecution is expected to call 22 witnesses during the trial.

Outside the prison, the Burmese Police has strengthened security to prevent any demonstration by dissident groups, fearing a movement similar to the September 2007 events.

Police equipped with riot equipment are deployed in various parts of the city and especially in Insein district in northern Rangoon, where they control all access.

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Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi Under Arrest

The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi has been arrested by the Myanmar military junta and transferred to the maximum security prison of Insein, in Rangoon and will be judged on Monday.

She is accused of having illegaly reveived and hidden an American citizen, who had reached her home last week, swimming across lake Inye.

The American citizen, identified as John William Yettaw, is held at the same prison and accused of having violated security and immigration laws.

Aung San Suu Kyi, 63 years old, has spent 13 of the last 19 years in prison, and was under home arrest since 2003. She is now facing 7 years imprisonment.

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Robert Fisk: Civilians pay price of war from above

Of course there will be an inquiry. And in the meantime, we shall be told that all the dead Afghan civilians were being used as "human shields" by the Taliban and we shall say that we "deeply regret" innocent lives that were lost. But we shall say that it's all the fault of the terrorists, not our heroic pilots and the US Marine special forces who were target spotting around Bala Baluk and Ganjabad.

When the Americans destroy Iraqi homes, there is an inquiry. And oh how the Israelis love inquiries (though they rarely reveal anything). It's the history of the modern Middle East. We are always right and when we are not, we (sometimes) apologise and then we blame it all on the "terrorists". Yes, we know the throat-cutters and beheaders and suicide bombers are quite prepared to slaughter the innocent.

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The Save Darfur Coalition: Corporate Lobbying In Action

What a relief: actress Mia Farrow is ailing after almost two weeks on a hunger strike in solidarity with people in Darfur, but British billionaire Richard Branson has taken over the fast on last Friday.

And I'm pretty sure that other public figures like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Bono or Steven Spielberg are ready to replace Branson at the end of his 3 days Darfur fast.

Sorry guys, but while I do not deny that your engagement in favor of the Darfur people is wholehearted, you might well be manipulated by the Save Darfur Coalition which is far from being a peace organization.

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Sri Lanka: UN Condemns The Bloodbath

The UN reports that the attack by Sri Lanka Army against the Tamil guerrillas over the weekend has caused a "bloodbath."

The troops have heavily bombed the tiny strip of land (about 2.5 square kilometers), in which the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Earth (LTTE), alongside some 150,000 civilians, are surrounded.

According to the UN spokeman, Gordon Weiss, "the mass murder of civilians, including more than 100 children this weekend, seems to confirm that the long feared bloodshed has become a reality".

The Tamil rebels are blaming the Government for the deaths, while the Ministry of Defense accuses the LTTE of attacking civilians in the area under their control to force an international intervention.

"They are bombing their own civilians with heavy weapons to put the blame on the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. In their calculation, they believe that this will lead other countries to launch a rescue operation" said the Sri Lankan Defense Minister.

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Pakistan: Taliban withdraw from the Buner district

The Taliban have agreed to leave the Buner and Shangla districts and to return to their bastion in the Swat valley, after a meeting between radical leaders and Malakand Divisional Commissioner, Syed Muhammad Javed.

The Taliban did not want to risk an armed confrontation with the paramilitary forces sent by the Pakistani Government to stop them, but the U.S. consider that too many concessions have already been made to the fundamentalists.

President Asif Ali Zardari assured Washington that the country's defence was in safe hands and its nuclear arsenal was secure.

The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai and his Pakistani counterpart, Asif Ali Zardari, will meet with Barack Obama on May 6 and 7 to jointly seek a new strategy capable of stabilizing the region.

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