The Save Darfur Coalition: Corporate Lobbying In Action

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What a relief: actress Mia Farrow is ailing after almost two weeks on a hunger strike in solidarity with people in Darfur, but British billionaire Richard Branson has taken over the fast on last Friday.

And I'm pretty sure that other public figures like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Bono or Steven Spielberg are ready to replace Branson at the end of his 3 days Darfur fast.

Sorry guys, but while I do not deny that your engagement in favor of the Darfur people is wholehearted, you might well be manipulated by the Save Darfur Coalition which is far from being a peace organization.

According to an article published in the Washington Post last summer, "none of the money collected by Save Darfur goes to help the victims and their families. Instead, the coalition pours its proceeds into advocacy efforts that are primarily designed to persuade governments to act".

In other words, they spend 15 million each year in viral marketing campaigns, lobbying the politics and brainwashing the public in order to prepare the U.S. citizens to a military intervention.

In 2004, Senator Barack Obama said "Genocide is underway in Darfur, Sudan. Already, 50,000 African Muslims have been killed and 1.2 million displaced by the Sudanese Government and by Arab Janjaweed militias armed and encouraged by Khartoum".

The word genocide has been used ad nauseam about the Darfur conflict and numbers of victims artificially inflated: when asked by the Congress to provide reliable numbers, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated the death toll to range from 50,000 to 70,000 for the 2004-2006 period. For the same period, the Save Darfur Coalition announced more than 200,000 victims and that's this number that was used by the politics and the mainstream media.

For the whole year 2008, African Union observers reported that 1,500 persons had been killed, while the Coalition used the same number...but per month.

For sure, there are far too many victims in Darfur, there is a lot of suffering and war crimes are occuring. But why so much attention when the 5 million victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo did not get the tenth of the press coverage about Darfur?

Could the difference between DRC and Sudan be only the huge oil reserves that western countries would like to control and that are presently between the hands of China?

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According to Ronnie Brauman,

Kevin 1 year 17 weeks 5 days 11 hours ago

According to Ronnie Brauman, former president of Doctors without Borders, the civil war in Darfur caused 200,000 deaths and more than 2 million displaced people between 2003 and 2005.

But since 2006, the situation has changed: from 10,000 deaths a month, the casualty has decreased to about 200 a month. And it is mainly due to multiple milicias, armed groups and war lords fighting each other, not anymore a conflict between goverment and rebels.

But even at the worst time of the conflict, most NGOs, including Doctors Without Borders, were opposed to any form of military intervention and were promoting a diplomatic approach.

Ronnie Brauman is also mocking those who accuse China of being a predator looting Africa natural resources: as if the past and present actions of western countries in other parts of Africa were only guided by their "greatness of soul".

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Nemo 1 year 17 weeks 5 days 12 hours ago

Is There a Save Darfur Industrial Complex? by by Bruce Dixon

African tragedies, observed Ugandan scholar and Columbia University professor Mahmood Mamdani in a March 20 presentation at Howard University, usually occur in the dead of night, outside the sight, concern or hearing of the Western public. The exception to this, he noted, has been Darfur. No armchair observer, Mamdani has traveled and worked extensively in Darfur as a consultant to the African Union in its attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict there.

Ten Reasons Why "Save Darfur" is a PR Scam to Justify the Next US Oil and Resource Wars in Africa by Bruce A. Dixon

The star-studded hue and cry to "Save Darfur" and "stop the genocide" has gained enormous traction in U.S. media along with bipartisan support in Congress and the White House. But the Congo, with ten to twenty times as many African dead over the same period is not called a "genocide" and passes almost unnoticed. Sudan sits atop lakes of oil. It has large supplies of uranium, and other minerals, significant water resources, and a strategic location near still more African oil and resources. The unasked question is whether the nation's Republican and Democratic foreign policy elite are using claims of genocide, and appeals for "humanitarian intervention" to grease the way for the next oil and resource wars on the African continent.