Sri Lanka: UN Condemns The Bloodbath

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The UN reports that the attack by Sri Lanka Army against the Tamil guerrillas over the weekend has caused a "bloodbath."

The troops have heavily bombed the tiny strip of land (about 2.5 square kilometers), in which the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Earth (LTTE), alongside some 150,000 civilians, are surrounded.

According to the UN spokeman, Gordon Weiss, "the mass murder of civilians, including more than 100 children this weekend, seems to confirm that the long feared bloodshed has become a reality".

The Tamil rebels are blaming the Government for the deaths, while the Ministry of Defense accuses the LTTE of attacking civilians in the area under their control to force an international intervention.

"They are bombing their own civilians with heavy weapons to put the blame on the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. In their calculation, they believe that this will lead other countries to launch a rescue operation" said the Sri Lankan Defense Minister.

The head of the Organization for the Tamil Rehabilitation (TRO), Lawrence Christy, said that more than 3,200 civilians have died since Sunday afternoon and has requested international intervention to stop what he called a "genocide".

The Security Council of the UN is divided on whether to raise discussions on the war in Sri Lanka at a level that allows formal proceedings. United States and Britain are pushing for a ceasefire, while Russia and China oppose.

The Sri Lankan government affirms that this offensive is the only way to put an end to a conflict that last for 25 years and has killed over 70,000 people.

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