Security Guards: Boom time for South Africa’s Security Companies

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Has the world gone mad? I read the other day in one of the daily newspapers that Private security companies in South Africa, had been applying, in vast numbers, for extra gun permits. Now I know the football equivalent to the ‘barmy army’ will be on their way, but that’s ridiculous. This apparently is due to the ever-mounting fear that something nasty is going to go down during the World Cup.

It has been reported that South Africa’s leading security company, Fidelity Security Services has managed to secure more than 600 new firearms licenses. How can this be possible in a country with such a reputation for gun violence? Surely this should be the domain of the national police force – or will they be too busy watching the games?

According to sources in the country, this is to meet the demand for the protection of wealthy supporters and celebrities. I for one, therefore, am very glad that I haven’t shelled out £6,000 for the privilege of not knowing whether I am going to be returning home in a seat or a box.

It is expected that some 450,000 fans from across the Globe will descend on South Africa, with at least 25,000 expected from the UK.

Some chilling statics ponder on the journey:

Country Number of firearm homicides Firearm homicide rate per 100,000 people
Australia 64 0.36
Brazil 41,000 25.78
Canada 176 0.6
Columbia 19,336 53.99
South Africa 11,044 26.63
United Kingdom 72 0.13
United States of America 16,524 6.24

Gun Crimes
According to a United Nations survey of 69 countries, South Africa has one of the highest firearm related homicide rates in the world per 100 000 people, second only to Columbia. This is indicated in the comparison chart above (United Nations: International Study on Firearms Regulation, 1998)

An un-named security company inside the country, remarked how business had never been better, and requests for security guards at key areas including: cash points, shopping malls, hotels and game lodges had ‘gone through the roof’! Another company even reported a huge increase in demand for 24 hour close protection officers, costing in the region of £270 per day.

What does it say about the effectiveness of the country’s police force when the government has invested an undisclosed sum on hiring 10,000 extra security companies to prevent muggings and attacks?

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