Obama Calls For A Palestinian State

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As expected, Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, who met yesterday at the White House, proved to have opposite visions on two crucial issues: the U.S. president refused to set a precise deadline for Iran to renounce nuclear weapons and emphasized the need for a Palestinian state, and the Israeli prime minister stongly disagreed on both points. The four hours reunion ended with no more success than the rhetoric of mutual commitment to pursue peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

As the two leaders reminded it, United States and Israel share a long tradition of special relationship in which Washington takes the security of the Jewish state as a responsibility.

Both states have had and still have common enemies and common goals in the most turbulent region of the planet. Their alliance is not in danger because it can not be. But Obama and Netanyahu were unable yesterday to to reach an agreement in order to address the current problems.

Netanyahu wants to force Washington to put the military option on the table or to set an exact deadline, hinting that if the U.S. were not ready, Israel could act against Iran on its own.

Obama agreed that "an Iran with nuclear weapons is a concern not only for Israel and United States but for the entire international community" but he added that his administration wants to address this problem through negotiation with the regime in Tehran, and refused to put what he called "an artificial limit to diplomacy".

The other frustration for Obama was the refusal by Netanyahu to endorse the idea of a Palestinian state living peacefully alongside the State of Israel.

"That is the best solution for everyone, including Israel," said Barack Obama. Israeli Prime Minister answered that his government was wanting to pursue peace negotiations with the Palestinians, but carefully avoided to use the word "State".

The 2 states solution

The creation of a Palestinian State living in peace with its Israeli neighbor has been the central point of negotiations over the last decade.

The notion, implicit in the Oslo accords of 1993, was adopted by the Bush Administration in 2002 and was included in the roadmap established in 2003 by the Quartet (U.S., EU, UN and Russia).

The Annapolis 2007 agreement also sets the two states solution as the foundation for peace.

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