North Korea Defying The International Community

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North Korea has launched three short-range missiles this morning, just after an underground nuclear test.

Pyongyang announced this morning having conducted a successful underground nuclear test, more powerful than the previous 2006 test which had led to international sanctions.

The test was immediately followed by the launch of three short-range missiles in less than 12 hours, leading the Security Council of United Nations to call for an emergency meeting today.

The first reports from Seoul suggest that the test was conducted about 15 kilometers from the first North Korean test center in the town of Kilju (North Hamgyong province), in the northwest of the country.

The previous nuclear test in 2006 had a power estimated between 5 and 15 kilotons, while the test made today has reached 20 kilotons which, according to Russian experts, exceeds the North Korean capacity of technical control.

The North Korean authorities said that the test was "safe", which means that no leakage of radioactive material has been detected: that's what they also said three years ago, after the previous controlled explosion.

The seismic tremor caused by the explosion reached a magnitude of between 4.5 and 4.7 on the Ritchter's scale few minutes before 10am (local time) this morning, according to the South Korea seismological institute.

Shortly after the nuclear test, the North Korean regime has fired three short-range ballistic missiles with a range of 130 kilometers.

South Korea and Japan have immediately decided to ask the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on North Korea, and Russia, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council for the month of May, has confirmed that an emergency meeting will be held today (at 4 pm) in New York to discuss the issue.

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said that the latest North Korean nuclear test is "of great concern to all nations" and that the danger posed by Pyongyang's "dangerous activities" requires aa appropriate response from the international community.

Experts believe that the North Korean nuclear test is aimed at pressuring the U.S. government to open bilateral talks between Pyongyang and Washington, and is also an answer to the tightened international sanctions that were imposed on the country after its disguised long-range missile launch in last April.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il had recently threatened to conduct a second nuclear test in response to what he called Washington’s policy of intimidation.

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