Mexico: Two Deaths on the Border in Ten Days

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Citizens of Mexico are in shock over the unexpected deaths of two Mexicans as a result of two separate clashes with the United States Border Patrol. These incidents occurred less than a month apart: the brutal attack of Anastacio Hernández, a Mexican worker who lived in California for 20 years, in the international crossing of San Ysidro-Tijuana, and the shooting of 15-year-old Sergio Adrián Hernández in the border of El Paso-Ciudad Juárez. The similarity of the two deaths have provided new grounds for citizen media to evaluate the actions of the Mexican government towards the United States in terms of migration and foreign policy.

Newspaper La Jornada reported [es] that Anastacio Hernández was beaten up on May 28 by the Border Patrol in the international crossing of San Ysido-Tijuana, after he was apprehended because he lacked migration documents. He was a Mexican worker who lived in California for 20 years, where he fathered his children. La Jornada also says [es] that about 20 officers from the Border Patrol used both physical force and stun guns against the worker, provoking cerebral death; one day later, Anastacio died.

The brutal attack on Anastacio Hernández was recorded on video with a cellphone by a student from California who was at the border at the time. The video can be viewed on YouTube. The student, a witness that will be declaring on Anastacio's case according to CNN Mexico, told newspapers that Anastacio was handcuffed all the time and never resisted to the patrol officers.

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What did you expect? I was

admin 18 weeks 4 days 20 hours 8 min ago

What did you expect? I was pretty sure something like that will occur when I read this article on the Axis Of Logic website:

Obama orders troops to Mexican border.

President Barack Obama’s order deploying 1,200 National Guard troops to the Mexican border marks another reactionary turn in his immigration policy and a threat of intensified violence against immigrant workers.

The order will more than quadruple the National Guard force presently operating in the four southern border states—California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Besides the added troops, the administration is asking Congress to appropriate an additional $500 million to step up operations by the US Border Patrol.

The action came on Tuesday, the same day that Obama met with the Senate Republican caucus, and appeared to be a gesture aimed at deflecting criticism from the Republican right that Washington has not done enough to “control the border.”

The White House did not issue any formal announcement of the military deployment. Rather, an Arizona Democratic member of Congress, Gabrielle Giffords, revealed the decision to send more troops. Running for reelection against a Republican challenger who is campaigning on the immigration issue, Giffords hailed the move. Administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, later confirmed the decision.

The source of the announcement suggested that Obama acted largely on the basis of such short-term political calculations, attempting to give Democrats a right-wing platform on which to run against Republican opponents seeking to whip up anti-immigrant sentiments.

The government of Mexico reacted cautiously to the new US military deployment on its border. It expressed the hope that the troops would be utilized to “combat organized crime which operates on both sides of the border,” and that they would not “carry out activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws.”
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