Kim Jong-il Seeking An Heir For The Throne Of The Communist Dynasty

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Little is known about what happens in the most secret country of the world, but since Kim Jong-il suffered a stroke in last August, there have been some movements that were quickly interpreted by observers as a succession race.

According to South Korean experts, this could explain why North Korea has hardened its stance towards the international community by making an underground nuclear test and launching low-range missiles yesterday, in violation of the United Nations' resolutions: Kim Jong-il might be tightening further the iron fist with which he governed the country in order to gain the support of the army and strengthen the legitimacy of his dynasty before naming a successor.

Potential candidates to the throne are his three sons and his brother in law Jang Seong-taek.

Kim Jong-nam, 38 years old, was long considered the favorite until he was arrested in Japan in 2001 using a false passport from the Dominican Republic to try to visit the Disneyland park in Tokyo.

Kim Jong-chol, 29, does not appear as a favorite, but has a high position in the Workers' Party.

Kim Jong-un, 26, joined the National Defense Commission as a low-level instructor, but is destined to climb to higher levels in the North Korean army. It is said that he has strong leadership skills and that he looks and acts like his father.

Jang Seong-taek, 63, husband of the younger sister of the "dear leader", could take the leadership if the health of Kim Jong-il deteriorated and rule the country for a transitional period, until the chosen son is ready to take the reins of power.

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