Absolutely No Tracks In The Air France Tragedy

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June 5, 2009 - Contrarily to what has been officially announced two days ago, the wreckages found by the Brazilian Air Force do not belong to the lost Airbus and the search efforts have to restart from scratch, without any clue about the crash location.

The 12-mile long fuel slick spotted from the air by Brazilian pilots turned to be oil spilled from a ship. And the piece of white debris that were thought to belong to the missing plane appeared to be pieces of wood, probably fallen from a ship.

Although 150 persons, 11 airplanes from three countries and 2 ships are mobilized in Natal, Recife and Fernando de Noronha to participate in the search, without any material clues it is impossible to determine the limits of the search area, making the recovery of the black boxes highly improbable, while it is the only possibility to dissipate the mystery of what happened to the AF447 flight.

The only established facts are that the aircraft crossed a zone of severe turbulence over "cumulus nimbus" clouds, and that the data recorded by the Brazilian radars before the plane disappeared show some "inconsistency" about its speed and altitude.

The 24 automatic alerts sent during the last 4 minutes before the aircraft disappearance also indicate several major technical problems, including the primary and secondary computers failure, and «cabin vertical speed» alert that may indicate a cabin depressurization.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Airbus crashed, but still, there is no clue about the cause.

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The Last Air France 447 messages

Keiros 30 weeks 1 day 23 hours 17 min ago

According to the «Jornal da Tarde», a Sao Paulo newspaper, which said to have received the information from an "undisclosed source" in Air France, some automatic messages were sent by the aircraft to Air France in the last 4 minutes before the flight disappeared from the radars.

02h10 GMT: "Autopilot disengaged". The autopilot of the AF 447 is disabled. This is not necessarily due to a malfunction, the pilot could just have taken manual control of the aircraft to deal with severe turbulences.

02h12 GMT: Two messages are reporting outages on ADIRU and ISIS equipments. These are two screens that provide all information relating to the aerodynamics (altitude, speed, direction of flight).

02h13 GMT: two new faults are detected. They involve two of the five main computers, essential for the flight, called PRIM1 and SEC1. But these failures can not be regarded as major.

02h14 GMT: the ultimate message indicates "cabin vertical speed". The vertical velocity is calculated according to the speed of change of pressure in the cabin. This message indicates a speed of "rise" or "down" to watch. It could be an indication of a failure, but it does not necessary indicate a cabin depressurization or the free fall of the aircraft.


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