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British holiday resorts have faced a decline since the advent of the package holiday. With their associations with dodgy amusement arcades and dreary weather they offer much less than ten days in Majorca for about the same price. Well, that used to be the case anyway.

Today the British holiday resort is once again coming higher up people’s list of desirable destinations. For years we’ve heard about badly built hotels with faulty heaters, plumbing and ventilation over in Spain. Add to this problems with flying including volcanoes and air hauliers going bankrupt and the cheap package holiday looks less and less inviting. So why stay in Britain? Well, there are plenty of obvious answers to that, there’s no need to exchange you money into an unfamiliar currency with hidden taxes or extortionate prices in the shops lurking to trap the uninitiated. There is no language barrier or unfamiliar laws which might trap you when you’re abroad. Look for example at those guys who went on a stag weekend in Greece who spent half of it in jail because they had dressed as nuns not realising how deeply that offended the local population.

British holiday resorts are still struggling with the reputation of being dreary seaside towns where you stay in cramped B&Bs with a landlady who’s face could be used to chop vegetables where you get a burned breakfast and have to be indoors by ten. People seem to expect the weather to be atrocious and nothing to do but go to the Fun Fare, an institution whose very name is a contravention of false advertising law where you can win a choking hazard dressed up as a cuddly banana.

Well, that’s the impression people who’ve never been on their holidays in the UK seem to have.

I think that has a lot to do with sitcoms of the seventies and eighties which are still repeated on most of the networks to this day. People who run B&Bs today understand that they are in the hospitality business, they have a house in a town which is a tourist destination and treat their guests accordingly. If indeed the sitcom B&B ever did exist it’s surely closed down by now as people expect and demand so much more from their holiday accommodation.

Brighton, Blackpool and Torquay are probably the most famous British seaside resorts. Brighton has long been famous for being a touch on the wild side. Ever since George III built his pavilion there Brighton has attracted holiday makers and weekend trippers from London who want to get away from the City and go somewhere where they can get a little bit naughty.

Blackpool is known by some as the Las Vegas of the North, There’s the Golden Mile, the Blackpool Tower and the illuminations proving that yes, they really do have electricity in the north. Blackpool has sandy beaches, donkey rides and a vibrant theatre community including cabaret and comedy which goes on all year round.

Torquay, people think, is best represented by Fawlty Towers. If you haven’t seen it, a hen-pecked hotelier whose niche certainly doesn’t lay in hospitality tries to overcome various fiascos generally of his own creation. In reality, Torquay is known to those that love it as the Queen of the English Riviera. There are more than five hundred hotels which are terraced to give the maximum number of rooms a sea view. With a marina, palm lined promenades, restaurants boutiques and spas there’s as much to keep you occupied as any ocean front in the rest of Europe.

People aren’t going on staycations just because of the disappointment a foreign holiday can bring if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in an overseas deathtrap. People still want a holiday even if they can no longer afford to put a fortnight in Kos on their credit card. Staying in Britain means you can drive or take a train to your destination, usually in a couple of hours without taxes, transfers and economy class airplane seating. You also get to feel good about not making a huge carbon footprint and spending at home helps the national economy too.

But why would you care now, it’s nearly winter and you’re thinking about hats and scarves, you’re not going to start worrying about how you’re going to look in you bikini for at least another six months. Well, that’s certainly true but the seaside towns don’t just go away with the summer. If you fancy a quick break many of those rooms are going to be vacant and with no-one else needing them you can often get them at super-knock-down discount rates, just phone and ask! The hotels all have their ball rooms going otherwise unused so you might find yourself going to one of their Christmas party nights, who knows? The shops, theatres and nightclubs will still be there too, and much less crowded than at the peak of the tourist season so it’s simple to drop by and get a few bargains, see the sights and do whatever else it is you love to do on holiday but without any of the hustle and bustle.

Go on, it’ll do you good and they’ll love to see you!

Dan Cash is a writer who often spends his holidays in Torquay and who hates flying.

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