What technology comes after the DVD and the BLU-Ray disc?

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One question that has been floating around is “what will replace the DVD”? A lot of people argue that the CD, DVD, BLU-Ray and HD DVD are all different things, but in my opinion they are all basically CD’s. They are all flat, circular and 6 inches in diameter. Do people actually realise how old this technology is now, the CD was first introduced to the world almost 25 years ago. Now if you ask me that seems to be a much longer time ago than I first realised. In that space of time the Internet has been invented, grown to massive proportions and drinking in some of your local pubs has been legalised for 24 hour permits!

So is it just me or has the technology the CD has provided us with taken a rather long time to evolve into something else. Before the CD was the Video or (VHS) which was crude yet practical, much like the CD has now become. However has the “Compact Disc” now reached the same stage in its life that the VHS once did as well?

Well when we think about it there is already a solution to the CD and the DVD, and it comes in several forms. For almost 10 years there has already been a solution to carrying around a CD in the form of a USB drive. A small memory stick that plugs into your computer or even your CD player; some can even be used as music players. One problem with the USB is that it is still something that you have to carry around, although not quite as large as the CD or DVD and it can store more information, but it is still a little bulky.

Something mentioned earlier on in this article holds the solution. It has held the solution ever since it was invented but lacked the capabilities to carry out such functions. The Internet is the most obvious way of transferring information between each other, and has now recently become the way to watch films through “Streaming” and in some cases even to buy online and download on to your computer, through applications like iTunes.

The Internet will soon become so “super-speed” that the need to actually buy hard copies of films or music will become completely pointless. In fact you may find that we are already closer to this than we may at the moment think!


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