Technology – What could we expect to see in the next 20 years?

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Over the past 30 years technology has been evolving at an exceptional rate. Inventions, advancements and adaptations to technology that has been around for a while have been improving, and newer technologies have taken their place. As we grow older as a species our ability to create more amazing pieces of technology advances with us. However how far do we think we can go with all of this gadgetry, and what is it that we can expect to see coming into our lives over the next couple of decades?

Virtual Reality could well be one of the next items that we all bring into our homes within the next decade. It may seem like a bit of a day dream fantasy, but this isn’t actually as far off as we may all speculate. VR (Virtual Reality) has been in the development stages for many years, probably longer than most people think and has been successfully trialled I n many different ways. One of the most promising is a form of VR that uses a headgear. The user would simply place something over their head that covers the eyes and ears, the helmet would then create a surrounding for the user to walk through. This would need to be carried out under secure circumstances so that the user did not injure himself (walking down some stairs, which turned out to be a cliff in real life). Other avenues are also being explored as well, such as creating a 3D image in an isolated room. Basically the room would be of one colour (most likely black for less interference and it is easy to project onto) and an image would be projected into the room from several locations (known as a hologram). This sounds very Star trek but we are closer to this sort of thing than we might all realise.

So VR is close to completion (maybe a little enthusiastic, but it is heading in the right direction) and is there anything else that is really starting to come into its own? Well the next thing that seems to be on many scientists agendas is the prospect of true A.I (Artificial Intelligence), basically where a computer has the power to control itself and makes its own decisions. This is one of the most difficult things for scientists to try and create. Attempting to create a machine that has the ability to answer for itself, create informed decisions and interactive with others is like trying to build a Brain, the most complex part of a human body. Of course A.I has been a part of this world for decades, but nobody has been able to produce something sophisticated enough to be labelled as true A.I. Some machines have been built that have inset programming and the ability to answer some questions, some can even respond by moving in some directions. The ASIMO robot is one of the greatest A.I achievements in the world and can respond to all kinds of stimulus. What is lacking in all of this is the human ability to be creative, not just by drawing or writing, but by being able to create something original and the ability to act independently.

How far away are these items, well to be perfectly honest this could all be much closer than we all believe. How much will it benefit us should be the question that we ask ourselves, not how long it will take, and are there any repercussions?

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