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Speed Up Your PC For Free - 8 Tips to Optimize Your Systems Performance

Wondering how you can speed up PC? Try to apply the steps below to optimize your computer. Regardless what system you are using, these steps work great, quick, and yes, they are for free.

1. Cut the number of application installed. You surely need various programs to do different things, but when they are no longer in use you may as well uninstall them right away. Redundant programs have negative effects to speed up PC, for they make your system bulky and slow to respond.

2. Keep your computer from hazards. Carefully select applications to download and always visit websites that are reported safely. Have a professional antivirus software such as Norton constantly run. Do the virus scan at a regular base. All these will help you speed up PC by letting zero threat to crack and slow down your system.

3. Erase temporary files. Always check and delete files in the folder of temporary files can also free disk space to a large extent.

4. Optimze hard disk. Keep files or set of files in order and integrated by defragging your hard disk. Too many file fragements increase the time for system to collect them and execute programs, which helps nothing to speed up PC.

5. Manage and clean up your registry. You will not be able to speed up PC in any way if the vital registry is corrupted by junk keys, broken entries and errors that are frequently created by your daily operation. Running Registry Easy to check and correct those errors can easily prevent low system performance.

6. Keep the number of start-up programs down. Many programs launch themselves every time your computer is on. Try to locate their process and terminate them if you don't want to wait ages in front of your desktop before being able to commence operation.

7. Configure display setting. floridly visual effect makes your computer eyes-attracted, but will also decrease your chance to speed up PC as they consume significant volume of resources. Never set visual effect too high.

8. Correctly setup your virtual memory. Use certain proportion of your hard disk as virtual memory to share the load of your physical memory. It is a very good way to speed up PC without having to pay for a hardware upgrade.

All these steps are easy and require ZERO EXPENSE, except that taking care of registry may need concrete IT knowledge. If you want more information about registry optimization or a free registry scan, click the link below: http://www.bestregsoftware.com.

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