Four Incredible Aeroplanes

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Aeroplanes are an integral part of modern life. We see them whizzing through the skies everyday carrying passengers from place to place, and bringing food and supplies into our cities when we need them. Throughout their existence they have played a fundamental role in history, expanding our world knowledge, changing the course of wars, whilst continuing to push the boundaries of our technological knowledge. To honour this, here are four incredible aeroplanes of our time.

The Harrier is one of the best known RAF planes of all time and is featured on a wide range of memorabilia, including RAF watches, to this day. The Harrier jet has the ability to take off vertically, through using jet engine propulsion pointed downwards. Further that that, the Harrier can hover for 90 seconds and is able to turn left, right, forwards or backwards[1].

Concorde is a legendary plane known for its supersonic speed capabilities. The fastest of all passenger planes, Concorde set the record for the fastest ever journey time from New York to London, taking just 2 hours 52 minutes to cross the Atlantic. Although now sadly no longer in service, Concorde can be seen in museums in the UK and abroad. The last of the transatlantic Concorde flights was on October 24th, 2003.

The Antonov holds the impressive title of being the world’s largest passenger plane. Incredibly, it has enough capacity to carry a space shuttle between its wings. Only one of these planes is currently in service, as its twin was never completed, however it is being used to good effect. Most recently it was used to transport construction machinery to Haiti to aid relief efforts after the earthquake.

Orlyonok WIG
The Orlyonok WIG is not so much of a plane, more of a boat with wings. It is an incredible sight to behold, as it flies just above the water’s surface, taking advantage of the benefits of the ‘ground effect’. Some of these ‘planes’ are amphibious, meaning they can fly just above the ground as well as the surface of a body of water.
[1] RAF. (2010). Harrier GR7/7A. http://www.raf.mod.uk/equipment/harriergr7.cfm

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