Things to remember when buying yourself a games computer!

One of the most annoying things, is buying a top of the range computer, setting you back about 1500 dollars, or 1000 pounds, only to find that it doesn’t actually play any of your newly bought games! Common problems that face people are those that usually are misconceived. First and foremost, your processor speed, it [...]

How Kiosks will Benefit Your Company

A long line due to inadequate staffing or new hires is a frustrating situation for the shopper that has a schedule to keep. Whether heading to work or trying to preserve a relaxing weekend or one with social obligations. Even emergency purchases need not be delayed because relevant information about a product or service cannot [...]

How to Build a Laptop

Unlike a desktop computer putting a laptop can be a little more complicated. Unfortunately there are not many resources available to help when it comes to building laptops. The aim of this article is therefore to talk you through the steps you will need to put together you own high speed laptop. With a desktop [...]

iPhone App Available for Life Insurance Quotes

An Australian software company is now offering a new application for the iPhone that will allow consumers to get instant life insurance quotes. Omnium, a vendor based in Sydney, has developed the first app of its kind for the life insurance market. Many professionals within the industry are excited about this new technology. It allows [...]

Fashion over Technology? The ‘Pink Effect’

Are women less able to grasp technology? Are men smarter?  Why is it that when they make computers specially marketed for women they focus so much on the colour and the matching bag and forget all about the specs? Are women being scammed? Are we paying more for the ‘pink effect’ and are left with [...]

6 Easy Ways to Speed Up Windows

6 Easy Ways to Speed Up Windows – Tips to Boost Your System’s Performance Do you find your system get slower every time and wonder how you can speed up pc without spending too much time and cost? Try the guidelines as below to raise your system efficiency and keep it running smoothly. 1. Protect [...]