The top 10 Sports to indulge in on Holiday!

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When you leave for a holiday in the sun, what are the top sports that attract you to the beach or the sea?

1. Jet Skiing. No matter whom you are or where you go, if these are available you will probably take part in this! Zipping across the waves at breakneck speed and crashing over waves and taking sharp corners is fun enough for anyone. This sport also requires some stamina, staying on the Jet Ski can be a challenge!

2. Scuba Diving. This is one of the most obvious, purely because it is an activity that most people go on holiday for. Generally speaking when you want to go Scuba Diving you go to another country to enjoy it. Swimming is arguably one of the best ways to stay fit, and experiencing the underwater world while doing this is even more amazing.

3. Volleyball. If you live in a place warm enough to support the volleyball frenzy then luck you. However some of us “Normies” have to go to other countries to enjoy a good game. This is a classic beach sport that takes place just by the sea, great fun for us guys to watch!

4. Frisbee. Yes, obviously and undoubtedly it is, and a completely underrated sport. This game involves accurate hand-eye coordination and plenty of stamina, great in wide spaces. The ultimate Frisbee is a definite try when you are on holiday, not sure where you can find the rules, but it is a cross between rugby and netball!

5. Wooden Bat tennis. The most frustrating form of hitting a ball back and forth to each other, but something that we all attempt. You can never get a rally going further than 2 or 3 times, but is till always good fun!

6. Next one is the kids favourite! Burying dad in the sand. A popular sport among many families, that quite often ends up with dad looking like a woman, this sport requires patience from both sides, and a good laugh at the end. Then almost immediate destruction of newly created Dad!

Marcus works with a Le Sport St Lucia tour operator, so beach games are very popular with him!

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