The Cycling Tour of California!

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The Cycling tour of California is coming to a close, but the road has been long and filled with many adversities. All of the biggest cycling names have been taking part like Armstrong and Leipheimer. Unfortunately this race has turned into a confession box for one of the riders which has now spoiled the image of the cyclists and the sport.

The biking sport is celebrated as one of the healthiest ways to stay fit, and with around 160 million bike riders through the US and Europe, this is a very popular sport. Everyone from children to the elder generation can just hop on a bike and go for a ride. However there are some that want to push themselves to the limit and take part in tours around the world in the bid to become champions.

Floyd Landis is also a very well known cyclist but has ruined the image that biking had created. He announced that he had been doping throughout much of his career, but to make it worse he has also claimed that 3 more of the top world riders have been doping for most of their careers as well!

Landis also claimed that Armstrong, Leipheimer and Zabriskie had also been doping through their careers as well, damaging the reputation that these celebrities have built up for the biking community. This is why aspirations for those that want to become riders could be damaged, when they discover that the only way to win, is by doping and taking drugs!

Is it not possible for us to have a sport where we actually have some decent role models? It would appear that all of our universal sports are filled with celebrities that do something wrong. I challenge you to find a “clean” and “pure” sport, with no dodgy or in the tabloids for bad reasons.

It’s all about celebrities and what they do for our younger generations. Surely our children’s role models should have a little more restraint. Unfortunately they have chosen this future and path, but do we have any say about how they live their lives?


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