Alex Zanardi: An Inspiration to Disabled People Everywhere

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Anyone that competes in motor racing is leaving themselves open to risk, by far and away the most dangerous form of sport in the world, drivers will often entrust their lives to the integrity of the carbon fiber and aluminum shells that surround them. Before being allowed to compete in any form of professional motorsport, drivers must pass a super license meaning they are skilled and fit enough to race in a competitive environment. While this weeds out any potential dangerous or inexperienced individuals, a pack of up to 30 high powered vehicles piloted by divers all vying for the same piece of tarmac is bound to produce accidents at some point. In the worst instance this can result in death, Ayton Senna was famously killed in San Marino in 1994 after hitting a wall at devastating speed.

Safety in motorsport as vastly improved in the last twenty years, although horrific crashes do often happen, due to the strength of the cars, drivers can often walk away unscathed. Unfortunately Alex Zanardi, the Italian ex Formula one driver, was not lucky enough to do this after his horror smash in 2001. The likeable Italian was racing in the American CART series when, at the European round of the championship in Lausitzring, after emerging from the pits, Zanadri was unable to merge smoothly back into the field and ended up having a half spin on the grass. As his car was sideways it was hit by Alex Taglini travelling at full race speed. The impact split Zarnadis car in two. Medical teams were quick to respond by Zandardi had suffered so much blood loss that both his legs had to amputated to save his life.

Despite this life changing occurrence, Zanadi showed bravery in the face of adversity and began an intensive rehab program. Astoundingly he was back behind the wheel less than two years after his accident racing cars that had been adapted for him with throttle and braking controls on the steering wheel. After taking it upon himself to develop his own, more-effectively functioning prosthetic legs, Zanardi was able to race cars with regular foot pedals. He returned to the Lausitzring in 2003 to finish the same race that almost killed him and was highly competitive. Zanardi then raced in the World Touring Car Championship from 2004-2009 where he had varying degrees of success, winning his first race since his accident in 2005.

It would have been easy for Zanardi to give up and shy away from racing but he did exactly the opposite. He carried on as if nothing had happened, doing everything in his power to make his life as fulfilling as possible and came out the other side a much stronger person. Zanardi has set an example to disabled people everywhere and he will go down in history as a motor racing legend and an inspiration to all.

Joe is a copywriter and motor racing enthusiast, he believes that the same controls used by disabled racing drivers should be fitted to wheelchair cars.

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