PrimeExam 1.2.2

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The purpose of this application is to speed up the tedious and time consuming process of creating exams, and to make the process of creating different forms of the same exam virtually effortless.

By creating different forms, an instructor can pass out the same exam to students with little concern about cheating.

One major feature is the ability of PrimeExam to read in previous exam files used by an instructor, that were composed in word processors such as Microsoft Word, WordPad and Notepad.

When these files are read by the PrimeExam tool AutoConvert, the files are converted into PrimeExam format and are ready to be used as question banks or as part of exams.

If the old exams are hard copies, then the instructor can use character recognition software such as OmniPage to convert the hard copy to a digitized text file.

The text file can then be converted into PrimeExam format by means of AutoConvert. In addition, PrimeExam has the ability to print out keys and that capability makes correcting exams much more efficient.

When combined with scanning type answer forms, PrimeExam makes creating and correcting exams much more efficient with much less effort thus far less time consuming than older more conventional methods.

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