Linux: New Features Of The 2.6.30 Kernel

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The new stable version (2.6.30) of the Linux Kernel introduces many new features that have been long-awaited.

The full list of the new features can be found on Linux Kernel Newbies website so I will only give you a quick overview in this article.

Network: no real revolution on this part, but some cool stuff with the inclusion of RDS (for Reliable Datagram Sockets), a protocol originally developed by Cisco and Oracle and distributed through the OpenFabrics Alliance.

Based on Berkeley socket API, RDS provides a high bandwidth, low latency, reliable inter-process communication protocol and transport system between the servers in a cluster.

Storage and FileSystem: the biggest changes come with the introduction of 2 new filesystems, NILFS2 and POHMELFS.

NILFS2 stands for "New Implementation of a Log-structured Filesystem" and is developed by NTT, a Japanese telecommunications company. All the creation or modification operations append data at the end of the log, they never rewrite blocks (except when there's no space left - in that case, new blocks are reclaimed from the start of the log). It is much faster and prevents from data corruption in cass of a crash, as the "continuous snapshotting" offers a coherent historical view of all the operations done on the disk in the past.

POHMELFS stands for "Parallel Optimized Host Message Exchange Layered File System" and is a contribution from Evgeniy Polyakov. It is a high performance and network distributed filesystem with ability to balance reading from multiple hosts and simultaneously write data to different remote nodes, with a local writeback cache of data and metadata, which greatly speeds up every IO operation.

Another cool Evgeniy Polyakov's contribution is DST (for Distributed network STorage)which allows the creation of high-performance storage networks.

There are many other new features and many improvement of already existing features but it will take hours to list them all. If you want to experiment with this new Kernel, you can download it from the Linux Kernel Archives site...or wait until the Kernel is included in your favorite Linux distribution.

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