Turning All Cars Electric Impossible?

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Here in the UK people are looking to save the environment and well the planet really I guess and by making all of the cars in the UK electric powered we would certainly be doing the world a massive favour but I just do not think this is ever going to happen. Here is why it will not happen in the near future.

At the moment our electrical grid is already running at very near its full capacity and changing everyone’s cars to electric would actually mean we would have an 16% increase in the demand for electricity which the current system would simply not be able to take. So with this we are going to have to build more power stations in fact it would be an equivalent of six nuclear power stations which would of course cause the country more harm than good.

If you were thinking about cleaner methods of getting this power then think 2,000 wind turbines. This would not go down well either because people will complain of the eyesore I think it is surprising to see just how difficult going green can be!

When thinking about the US they currently have around 60 million registered cars which would mean a whopping 4,000 wind turbines being built and an even worse, twelve nuclear stations. Surely this is actually a lot worse for the environment than running the cars on petrol and diesel? Do not forget that these figures are only for the registered vehicles. There are said to be around 6.5 million unregistered vehicles in the US which means yet more power use.

Power consumption is not the only thing that the countries that are looking to change things need to worry about. They are going to have to set up a huge network of charging points across the countries. Whilst in the UK this will reach millions it could hit the billion mark in the US and this is going to cost billions of pounds and dollars to do.

The fact is that something like this is simply not going to happen overnight which is why many people are thinking about choosing hybrid cars before they think about going fully electric. This is something that I would actually suggest you do because it is going to take years for an electric system to be of any use to anyone.

Ryan is a keen internet marketer representing a company that sell car accessories. He is very interested in the electric car but just doesn’t think it will kick off for a good few years.

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