Earthquake Reportings and Odd Weather Around the World

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Earthquake Reportings and odd weather occurrences around the world. As global warming is increasing so is the strange weather. Here is an example of the latest story

Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life might want to start digging under a Martian mountain three times as high as Mount Everest.

Liquid water likely once sloshed beneath the 15-mile-high Olympus Mons, and may still be there today. Because the mountain is volcanic, the water could be warm and friendly to life.

“Olympus Mons is a favored place to find ongoing life on Mars,” said geophysicist Patrick McGovern of Houston’s Lunar and Planetary Institute, lead author of a study in Geology in February. “An environment that’s warm and wet, and protected from adverse surface conditions, is a great place to start looking.”

Other recent discoveries have hinted that life may exist — or may once have existed — on Mars. Scientists have gathered many indications that liquid water once flowed on the planet. And over the years, they have found tantalizing, but equivocal, evidence of life in Martian meteorites and on the Martian surface. In January, researchers documented methane burps on Mars, which could indicate microbial activity. But so far, it’s all about “if” and “could be.” The new research suggests Olympus Mons could be a good place to hunt for more definitive evidence.

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I don't really see a direct

admin 1 year 24 weeks 6 days 21 hours ago

I don't really see a direct link between "extraterrestrial life" search and global warming, but the story is interesting.