Copenhagen 2009: How Good Is An Agreement That Destroys The World?

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December 9, 2009 - The spokesman of the G77, Sudanese Lumumba Stanislaus Kaw Di Aping, has attacked the Copenhagen draft agreement prepared by the Danish Presidency.

"The Danish prime minister is desperate but should not confuse his political career with a deal at any price. There must be a compromise between the will of the rich and poor countries," said the spokesman of the G77 plus China, representing developing countries.

He complained that the draft is designed by and for rich countries and accused Denmark of siding with the developed countries instead of seeking points of agreement between the two blocs: "Developed countries have an historical responsibility for having damaged the atmosphere during the last 200 years. "

But Di Aping has refused to call for a boycott of the negotiations as that undertaken by African countries during the previous meeting in Barcelona: "We hope that common sense and wisdom will prevail. We know that among the leaders of developed countries, there are people aware of this challenge and that citizens of developed countries will ask their leaders: "How good is an agreement that will destroy the world?".

The Sudanese ambassador has criticized the goal of limiting warming to only two degrees compared to the preindustrial era: "These two degrees Celsius are devastating for Africa. Let me read the following sentence from the IPCC fourth report : "In the four regions of Africa and in all seasons, temperature will increase by three to four degrees, about 1.5 times the overall response to temperature. That means that Africa has to accept a rise of 3.5°C if the rest of the World agrees on this 2°C limit. And what are the scientific basis for the 2°C limit?".

The secretary of the UN Convention on Climate Change, Yvo de Boer, has downplayed the draft and has held that "it is something that does not exist" and that "it has never been on the table in any formal way". De Boer also said to reporters that "a group of countries considered this draft is not balanced and don't want this document to be the basis for negotiation."

Original article in Spanish "¿De qué sirve un acuerdo que destruye el mundo?"

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