Copenhagen 2009: Climate Summit Turns Into Chaos

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December 14, 2009 - African countries, supported by members of the G77, withdraw from the talks because of the refusal of rich countries to negotiate more binding reductions.

The beginning of the most critical week of the Copenhagen Climate Summit could not have been more chaotic. While long queues of people were waiting outside to enter a completely overcrowded conference center, African countries, supported by the G77 group of developing countries, have left the negotiation table due to the refusal of rich countries to discuss a legally binding emissions treaty.

Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director of Oxfam International said:

Africa has pulled the emergency cord to avoid a train crash at the end of the week. Poor countries want to see an outcome which guarantees sharp emissions reductions yet rich countries are trying to delay discussions on the only mechanism we have to deliver this - the Kyoto Protocol.

This not about blocking the talks - it is about whether rich countries are ready to guarantee action on climate change and the survival or people in Africa and across the world.

"Australia and Japan are crying foul while blocking movement on legally binding emissions reductions for rich countries. This tit for tat approach is no way to deal with the climate crisis."

African countries have refused to continue negotiations unless talks on a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol are prioritized ahead of broader discussions under a second LCA track. Australia, Japan and others have succeeded in stopping Kyoto Protocol discussions as a result. Of the two tracks of negotiations underway in Copenhagen the Kyoto Protocol is the only one which includes a mechanism for legally binding emissions reductions by rich countries.

According to Kamel Djemouai, an Algerian official, rich countries are trying to kill the Kyoto Protocol.

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