Copenhagen 2009: Chronicle Of A Failure Foretold

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December 19, 2009 - The COP15 final declaration is an agreement to save face rather an agreement to save the planet.

All developed countries have reaffirmed their willingness to limit global temperature increase to not more than 2° Celsius but nothing has been said about the measures to achieve this goal, apart from vague promises: no legal constraints, targets for greenhouse gases reduction far under IPCC's recommendations, no independent monitoring of actual progress made in each country.

The only positive outcome might be the financial help promised to developing countries by the USA, Japan and the European Economic Community, but similar promises are made during each international summit and never fulfilled. Promises only bind the promisees, would say the cynicals.

According to th IPCC, in 2008 we only had 10 years left to reverse the trend of our CO2 emissions, in order
to limit global warming to 2°C. Losing a year is anything but trivial, and there is no reason to hope that an agreement will be reached during next summits, in 6 months or in a year. At least not with the current United Nations system of consensus: failure to get all 192 countries to agree on a binding document was predictable, despite 2 years of preparation and negotiations.

Unless the UN adopt a qualified majority system, no multilateral binding treaty will ever be adopted. But the absence of a binding global agreement does not prevent any country to pursue an ambitious local policy and to look for cooperation with other countries, outside of the UN framework: the Group of 77 appeared close-knit in their willingness to reject a treaty which would have meant the death of the Kyoto Protocol and to call the result of the Copenhagen summit a disaster.

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I'm not surprized at all by

Keiros 35 weeks 4 days 1 hour 20 min ago

I'm not surprized at all by this failure. Maybe when the IPCC stop confusing science and politic, it will be able to convince people that Global Warming is not a scam.

But when scientists are caught manipulating data, that does not really help convincing the public.

Eluding the debate with climate sceptics and calling them “flat-earthers” or “deniers” is not either a scientific attitude: in the history of science, there are an incredible number of cases of one man standing alone against "consensus" and eventually proved to be right: remember of Alfred Wegener and his continental drift theory? It took half a century before being accepted by the scientific community: the "consensus", the "majority" was wrong. Science is not democracy and consensus is not a proof.

Read Trust the public on climate change in the Financial Times: it contains really good advices on how the IPCC should communicate.