Alaska Earthquake

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According to several sources like The Anchorage Daily News or the The Post Chronicle, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.73 hit South-central Alaska at at 9:09 a.m this morning.

The information was confirmed by the Alaska Earthquake Information Center at the University of Alaska (Fairbanks).

The quake’s epicenter was 162 miles SW of Anchorage.
The quake occurred at Latitude 59.3888, Longitude -152.8107, at a depth of 62 miles. No injury nor damage were reported.

The AEIC, which monitor all seismic activities across Alaska, is reporting more than 20,000 earthquakes each year, and 20 just for today but ranking from micro (

A magnitude of 5.73 on the Richter Magnitude Scale is said Moderate, and generally does not cause damage to well-designed buildings.

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A Big One is just around the corner....

EarthQuake Gal 49 weeks 10 hours 9 min 51 sec ago

I just know we are due for a big one soon. It may be Alaska, California or somewhere in the south! Yep, they just found a fault line in the south they say could produce a 7+ and there is no way the people in that area are prepared for such a massive quake. It is time for more ground sensors such as those produced and used by Quakefinder (www.quakefinder.com) to be installed in quake zones so we can seriously get down to the business of finding precursors to the major quakes. We can't save the buildings but we could save the people and animals.

Thanks for your interesting

admin 49 weeks 7 hours 45 min 54 sec ago

Thanks for your interesting comment.

I'm also concerned by a Big One occuring within a few years. When and where? That's the question.

Where is located the fault line?

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