Obama in Cairo: Words, Words, Words

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June 05, 2009 - He talks the talk – but will he walk the walk? by Justin Raimondo

The Obama fan club – and by this I mean the media, of course – is already hailing our President’s Cairo speech as the latter-day equivalent of the Sermon on the Mount, and there is no doubt that it was a splendid performance.

All the usual superlatives are being unleashed by our love-struck commentariat – soaring, inspiring, intelligent, a triumph – and yet the reality, as the cheers die down, is that his Cairo peroration was just what we have come to expect from this President: pretty words, and even prettier promises. But where’s the action?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we? Yet even the words – if we look at them on the printed page, stark and bare, without the soaring (there’s that word again!) cadences Obama is so good at, we see … the problem:

"Just as Muslims do not fit a crude stereotype, America is not the crude stereotype of a self-interested empire. The United States has been one of the greatest sources of progress that the world has ever known. We were born out of revolution against an empire."

Well, yes, we were – note the past tense – born out of an anti-imperialist revolution. That was then, however: this is now. We were a republic, but now we’re well past our prime as an empire. The US military is engaged in a military occupation not only of Iraq and Afghanistan, but is spread throughout the world. Our globe-spanning navy has a presence – a dominating presence – in every ocean. We are, indeed, a self-interested empire – although one wonders, all too often, whether this has anything to do with protecting our real interests.

Other interesting readings at AntiWar.com:

Obama Versus Osama by Ivan Eland:

Fearing a new, more formidable opponent than the often buffoonish and macho cowboy George W. Bush, the two leaders of al-Qaeda have tag teamed Barack Obama with twin audiotapes condemning him. Unlike Bush — who made little effort to understand the Islamic world and whom al-Qaeda could easily bait into reckless acts that raised its stature among Muslims — Obama is more thoughtful and empathetic to Muslims and consulted many experts, including scholars on the Islamic world and actual Muslims, before delivering his much-promoted speech on U.S.-Islamic relations in Cairo, Egypt.

War With Iran: Has It Already Begun? by Justin Raimondo:

In public, when it comes to the Iranian question, President Obama is all sweet reason and kissy-face. His recent video message to the Iranian people was just what the doctor ordered. However, this public performance is severely undercut by an ongoing covert program aimed at regime-change in Tehran – or, at least, at undermining the Iranian regime to such an extent that it must respond in some way.

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