Obama defends the publication of CIA secret reports

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The president attributed to "exceptional circumstances" his decision to allow the publication of secret reports

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, spoke Monday of "exceptional circumstances" to defend the publication last Thursday of four secret reports detailing some of the torture that the CIA used during interrogations between 2002 and 2005, under the Bush administration.

Coinciding with his first visit to the CIA headquarters in Langley (Virginia), Obama said that Washington decided to publish the reports at the request of a court, and stated that it would have been very difficult to organize an effective legal defense without disclosing them, adding that much of the information contained in them was already public.

This decision has caused controversy among members of the agency: Michael Hayden, former CIA director during the last two years of the Bush administration believes that the declassification of these reports provides a tactical advantage to Al Qaeda.

"Al Qaeda is not constrained by a constitution," he underlined, adding that many U.S. adversaries are not bound by the belief in freedom of expression or the rule of law. He insisted, however, that what makes the U.S. "special" is the fact that we are prepared to defend those values and ideals, "even when it is difficult, not only when it's easy."

The president has promised to protect the integrity of classified information in the future as well as the identity of CIA officials. "I will be as forceful in protecting you as you are in protecting the American people," he said.

He also affirmed that his government has put an end to these practices now considered torture by his administration, including the simulated asphyxiation.

According to an article published the same day by The New York Times, simulated asphyxiation (waterboarding) was used 266 times on two prisoners (Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, confessed brain of the 09/11).

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