Google Latitude: Track Your Family & (Consenting) Friends.

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"Hello, where are you?" or "Hello, guess where I'm call you from?"

These questions will perhaps become useless with the latest Google's localization gadget.

On Wednesday 4 February, the portal made Google Latitude available for 27 countries.

Google Latitude is a localization function included in the mobile version of Google Maps (since v3), working with all operators, provided you have access to mobile Internet.

The idea is to allow people from your Google and Gmail contacts lists to see on Google Maps an icon of yourself and stating where you are geographically.

Conversely, you can see where your contacts are and view their status. But also display a route that will lead you to the person of your choice.

However, the user is not necessarily tracked by his entire contact list. First, he must activate this feature by going to the appropriate menu of Google Maps. The he must invite contacts to share their localization with him, and of course expect that they accept.

The user can also remain "invisible" to certain members of his contact list or not give the same information to everyone (exact address for his family, the only city to another, for example).

Localization occurs in three ways. The first, simplest, operates with the GPS receiver fitted into some phones.

The second tracking way is done thru the mobile network. The user is localized with more or less accuracy according to the station with which he is communicating. The system works with a database built by Google that references the geographic coordinates of base stations.

Third possibility, the tracking function of Wi-Fi hot spots, if the user connects to the Internet thru this channel.

Using Google Latitude requires prior installation of Google Maps for mobile version 3.0 on mobile phone.

Google explains the procedure online. The service is available for BlackBerry (color models), the G1 from T-Mobile (operating system Android, Google), some of Nokia S60, on most devices running Windows Mobile version 5 and many models compatible Java. But it is not yet available for the iPhone.

A version for PCs is also available on iGoogle.

There are concerns about how Google may use all the collected data in the future.

Google answers to this concern by explaining that only the last localization data is kept so the history of all your moves cannot be retraced.

You can be pretty sure that your current tracking data will be used to send you more geographically targeted advertising.

But with or without this gadget, Google already knows a lot about you.

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