Firefox To Make History, About To Surpass IE in Europe

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August has arrived. Time for a browser market share update. There is quite a bit of news this month, which, depending on your view, can be modified in virtually any direction you prefer. Microsoft likes the version in which IE has gained market share and pushed back Firefox and Chrome. Mozilla may like the one that embarrasses Microsoft and shows that it is about to overtake IE in Europe and Google will most likely state that there is a very good chance that it has now more than 10% of the market. Which one do you prefer? Pick one.

Editor’s note: Stitching together the browser market share story in a reasonable and credible way has become a bit more difficult this month and will require you to be a bit more flexible, which means that there is no definite way to determine which browser has how much market share, due to the lack of a coherent data set. Net Applications, which we have used to compile our market analysis in previous months, is now limiting free access to its browser data. What is still available is a rather small data set that cannot be used for detailed browser market share interpretation anymore. So please take the NetApplications data with a grain of salt, especially as far as the market share of Internet Explorer is concerned. I decided to increase my focus on the data that is provided by StatCounter, which has different numbers in its market share estimates, but has historically agreed on the general trend that was shown by Net Applications.

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Sounds like there was some error

admin 10 weeks 3 days 17 hours 52 min ago

Sounds like there was some error in the data published by StatCounter. The article from which you took that excerpt has also published an update on August 3:

I was made aware StatCounter has considerably revised its data on August 3. The current data set does not indicate anymore that Firefox may overtake IE in the near future, but indicates a rather stable market share in the range of 38%, while IE stands at about 43%. StatCounter still claims that Firefox 3.6 is the most popular browser in Europe with a share of 29.85% versus a 27.82% share of IE8. There was no explanation from StatCounter what the error in the original numbers was.

Source : http://www.conceivablytech.com