GoDaddy Under DOS Attack

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You know what? DoFollowNet was unreachable yesterday night for several hours, and I discovered the reason this morning while reading the news.

This site is hosted at GoDaddy, which has been the target of a denial of service attacks yesterday, making thousands of inaccessible Web sites.

The attack, which lasted several hours intermittently, did not affect the DNS services, or e-mail services.

This is not the first time that GoDaddy suffers an attack of its kind. In November 2005, approximately 600,000 of its sites had been affected in this way for about an hour. Yesterday, GoDaddy, however, declined to say how many sites were affected by the attack, citing security reasons.

I know at least one: mine!

A denial of service attack involves bombarding a server with repetitives queries, until it saturates and no longer functions properly.

According to a study by the Arbor Networks company, unveiled last November and conducted among 70 major Internet service providers (ISPs) in North America, Europe and Asia, these attacks are becoming more and more powerful and sophisticated, they increased from 500 megabits per second in 2001 to 40 gigabits per second in 2008.

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