Weird names for Spa Treatments, what do they mean?

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Recently I took it upon myself to investigate the world of “Spa Holidays”, the holiday that is realistically the most poignant meaning of the word “holiday”. Of course all holidays in definition are something that you embark on to get away from everything, where you can relax. The literal definition of a holiday is; “A day free from work that one may spend at leisure, especially a day on which custom or the law dictates a halting of general business activity to commemorate or celebrate a particular event.”

Upon my investigation into these Spa Holidays I discovered that many of them I had no clue about, I didn’t even know how to pronounce some of them. So I did what any husband would do and turned to the wife, to see if she could shed some light. However she had no idea what these things were either, and she works in the travel industry. So I did some digging around, do you have any idea what the following spa treatments are:


• This was the one I had trouble pronouncing, if you need some help, then separate it into these three words “A-Ur-Veda”. This is known as the science of life, and first originated in India. It is also the oldest known health system across the globe, starting up over fiver millennia ago. The basic principle in this spa treatment is to help prevent any ailments and even to cure some diseases. It targets the three “Life sources” inside your body called Doshas they contribute to what your personal character and physical attributes are. When these imbalances are all in equilibrium your body is in a correct state to begin healing. Ayurveda not only aims to cure any diseases, it also aims to identify what the cause of the illness was. Generally speaking however, this treatment consists of Massages, Oil therapies, facial and nasal treatment as well as a good old Steam bath!
• Suggested Name: “A slightly different massage to normal”


• Now this one is decidedly easier to pronounce and incredibly easier to understand. Basically this treatment is purely surrounded by using sea water as a way of cleansing the body and soul. Spas use sea water that is pumped straight from the nearby sea, which is then cleaned and heated to a pleasant temperature. This treatment is best for those that just want to relax and take a break from the world. One of these treatments will take up the whole day, separated into four separate programmes each lasting only 20 minutes but more than capable of making you feel relaxed.
• Suggested Name: “A Sea Spa”


• This was one that I thought I might have a generally good idea about and my guess wasn’t far off, but it still has some interesting applications. This is a way of negatively charging ions in sea water to help cleanse the body of dead skin or to clean the skin of any chemicals damaging to the body. Interestingly this can also be inhaled or sprayed in extremely small amounts in a bid to help improve respiration, with apparently high success. If you ask me I would have to decline the opportunity to breathe in salt water, it just doesn’t seem that it could help all that brilliantly.
• Suggested Name: “Gentle electrocution”


• This was the last one I came across and the name seemed intriguing. Any of you that do know a little about your spa treatments or hydrotherapy will know what this is. It just seemed as though this term was relatively pointless now because it had been separated into so many different levels. Balneotherapy encompasses all spa treatment that takes place in a bath, or a body of water. Although it is considered different to Hydrotherapy it does have practices that overlap with hydrotherapy quite frequently. It is best known for use with patients that have Arthritis, Skin conditions and has proved to have some success with Fibromyalgia, which is basically the pain in muscles and the connective tissues between muscles.
• Suggested Name: “having a bath”

So now you know what all these weird an wonderful names mean, and when you go to stay at hotel with these services, you know where to go to first!

Mark travels around the world with a Spa holidays tour operator in search of the best Spa Breaks available.

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