Tips to deal with partner’s pregnancy

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After my partner got pregnant and I noticed the various physical and emotional changes I decided to make a list of some tips that I think will help other men deal with their partner’s "peculiarities".

Top-10 tips

1. Patience! This is the golden rule otherwise you are going to have a hard time. There is nothing to be taken personally. Her “unusual” behaviour is due to the extreme changes caused by her hormones and nothing else.

2. Don’t judge her! There’s nothing wrong if she doesn’t want have dinner or lunch with you. She just doesn’t feel like eating so don’t think she’s doesn’t appreciate nice food or your company anymore.

3. Be comprehension! Try not to get angry if she wakes you up after you have fallen asleep, asking you to prepare that time-consuming meal. Trying to suggest quick alternatives is not going to work and you will end up arguing the whole night.

4. Remain calm! Mood swings are going to be taking place, accompanied by contradictions. Moments of happiness and joy may followed by moments of depression and negativity. Don’t take anything for granted as it’s all temporary and truth lies somewhere in the middle. Do not let yourself go and, by no means, do not try to explain the contradictions in a rational way: it will clearly not work!

5. Be proactive! Forget about what has been happening so far and accept that you may have to do more than you were used to. For instance, you may have to do domestic things you are not used do but if you don’t, no one will do them for you. Do as much as you can if you feel you have the energy so there is less to be done in the end of the day. Again, trying to explain about how tasks should be shared is pointless and a waste of time.

6. Be confident! Whether she’s treating you as nicely as before or not, you need to remain focused and sure about her feelings. Sometimes she may be harsh or rude but this doesn’t mean that her feelings have changed. It’s just those hormones...again!

7. She’s not paranoid! If you cannot smell any of those disgusting odours she’s complaining about do not think she’s a “weirdo”. Even if she complains that those brand new “stinking” carpets have to be washed asap because they make her sick, don’t think she’s lost it. No, there is no need to book her in for a psychiatrist appointment; it’s just another side effect cause by the hormones’ changes.

8. Be strong! It’s not the right time to think about yourself and your mates. You will have time for all that later (or maybe not) but on that time giving attention to other people can be judged as “being absent” or not being supportive enough. The last thing you would like to cope with would be having your mother in law staying with you during the whole pregnancy period!

9. Be there! Even after having a hard day at work you need to be there. Failure to do so will be considered as “lack of support”. Try to help as much as you can as long as her requests make sense to you. Making life easier for her will make things easier for you too.

10. Don’t try to understand! With pregnancy being a completely female privilege, there is not much point trying to understand. No matter what you read and what people tell you, you need to remember that each pregnancy is unique, therefore different. Trying to compare is not going to help either, just be patient for 9 months and this is it... maybe!

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