The Colloidal Silver Scam Strikes Again

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Sept.10,2009 - I don't know if it is due to the H1N1 media craze or if it just the normal cycle of this kind of snake oil business, but the colloidal silver scam, against which the Food and Drug Administration has been fighting for years, has resurfaced and spread across the Internet.

Since 1996, the FDA has warned many companies that were selling colloidal silver and claiming that their product was a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory immune system stimulant and might be effective against a long list of diseases, including cancer, influenza, syphilis, cholera, genito-urinary diseases, tuberculosis and AIDS.

Actually, like many heavy metals like lead or mercury, silver shows a toxic effect on some bacteria, algae and viruses and has been use for centuries to prevent water from spoiling, to cure infections and is still widely used today in water treatment.

But if is is much less toxic for humans than other heavy metals, it can still cause some side effects when ingested. The most evident argyria, a permanent condition in which the patient's skin becomes blue. Ingestion of 1 to 5 grammes of silver is enough to cause this permanent disease: as silver is bioaccumulating in the body (in skin, liver but also in brain cells), the regular use of colloidal silver supplements over several years or even months can easily reach these dangerous amounts.

Read more on the subject in this article: Colloidal Silver: Risk Without Benefit by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

More worrying is this article (in Spanish) by Elda María del Rocío Coutiño Rodríguez, from the University of Veracruz (Mexico) in which the researcher established a link between colloidal silver and liver cancer.

Edit: for those who can't read Spanish, the site admin has posted a translation of the article in the comments section below.

Still not convinced that it is a scam? I've found a website which sells Silver and Gold Colloids on which you can read the following statement: Please help stop the genocide taking actually place with all vaccinations and the the lying deadly WHO - terror - propaganda with all the not existing phantom viruses like AIDS and H5N1, HPV, Sars, Ebola,.

Genocide? Phantom viruses? Looks like snake oils vendors and conspiracy theorists share some common interests.

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A rough translation from Spanish to English

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I've tried to translate the article from the University of Veracruz using Google Translate, so as with any automated translation, some sentences may sound weird. I've corrected the most obvious nonsenses (like the word "plata" which in Spanish can mean silver but also money), but I may have skipped some.

Colloidal Silver Can Cause Cancer and Kidney or Skin Diseases

The cholera outbreak that struck our country in the early nineties forced the health sector authorities to take immediate action so that the patients should be treated, avoiding the spread of the epidemic and not increased the number of deaths (45,541 for year 2000).

Like the rest of the country, Veracruz continued a program to clean up the water to stop the transmission, however, conventional methods such as chlorine failed to have the desired effect and found a substitute for disinfection: silver colloidal.

It was then that the use of gained greater significance among the Mexican population. The use of colloidal silver increased also at the international level, mainly for medicinal purposes, as it is used to relieve burns, eye diseases, inhibiting the growth of fungi and viruses and even in the treatment of AIDS.

Despite its frequent use, to date little research has been made to determine the side effects from ingesting colloidal silver.

The Institute of Public Health (ISP) of the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) developed focused studies to verify or disprove that the form of colloidal silver affects the development of cancer, kidney and skin problems, among others.

Elda Maria del Rocio Coutino Rodriguez is an ISP researcher and since 1993 work with colloidal silver. At the request of the then state secretary of health, Edit Rodríguez Romero, also a researcher at the ISP, Coutino Rodriguez began to analyze whether the colloid was really effective in controlling cholera.

The results were positive but ineffective as a bactericide in the presence of organic matter because colloidal silver, he explained, has a high affinity for thiol groups of proteins. They take part in electron transport in cytochromes and its alteration can cause changes in the breathing process of the mitochondria, membrane permeability, in the packing of DNA and chromosome segregation. This is the reason for their interest, then commented that in 1979 studied the role of thiol groups in the processes of mutation

To make the first studies of the effects of colloidal silver, Coutino Rodriguez worked with the cytogenetic effect in meristematic cells of onion. As they move their research has found that silver has an affinity for estrogen receptors (ER) and possess a cysteine-rich domain (thiols), so that the female population is more prone to side effects from colloidal silver to provide diabetes obesity and cancer, specifically liver being an organ where the metal is housed. Did not rule out their involvement in other cancers such as leukemia spleen, through its effects on the immune system.

With students from the faculties of chemistry and biology, the researcher has made isolated lymphocyte cultures with whole blood to determine the cytotoxic and cytogenetic activity of silver in human lymphocytes. Has detected the presence of whole blood was hemolyzed silver, so it has determined that this could result in problems such impairment. Other notable findings were that the silver increases cell division, induces antibody production and activity of proteins related to cell division of lymphocytes.

Silver increases autoimmune diseases
Although there have been no epidemiological studies scholar has hypothesized that the continuous presence of colloidal silver in the body, given its affinity with estrogen receptors (RE), might increase carcinogenic alterations leading to cancer and other degenerative diseases such as diabetes and obesity, in addition to some autoimmune diseases (disorders in which the body makes antibodies against substances and tissues normally present in the body).

It is precisely because of the immune response that food companies, specifically the United States, promote the intake of colloidal silver as a dietary supplement to stimulate the immune system. To some extent it is increasing antibody production, but when it gets too directly affects everything related to the expression of high affinity for DNA that silver has to nucleolar regions (NORS) and RE.

This explains why people self-medicate and use colloidal silver as an intermediary or a trigger for medicines prescribed by your doctor to take greater effect, eg if the patient has to take any medications prescribed to control the consumption adheres thyroid of colloidal silver for best short term results, but know that after many years may have some effect on their health.

The gray discoloration of the skin or Argyria is a consequence of frequent consumption of colloidal silver. In the United States have issued reports on people who use alternative medicine combined with colloidal silver products and have changes in pigmentation of the skin, because that is where their accumulation is detected.

While not yet conducting research on the effects of moderate consumption of colloidal silver as a bactericide, in the world already experienced the consequences of chronic exposure. Therefore, the ISP will develop research that will prevent people and generate information on their effects to create regulations for its use and seeking future medical treatments that counteract the side effects.
The reasons are increased when the autopsies of people poisoned by eating large quantities of silver in order to end his life, reveal that the areas where the metal is accumulated in the stomach, liver, spleen and brain. This is a clear indication of some organs with higher affinity and therefore the most affected.

In addition to the experimental findings, some results of their research in the laboratory of Ecology and Health of the ISP are based on careful analysis of cancer incidence cases since 1990. This is part of the data on which the researcher and his students to determine the effects and identify the risk of exposed populations.

The research monitoring is essential because the Internet is a wealth of information about colloidal silver as an antibiotic ancient universal and other cash, but there are few pages that spell out the consequences of continuous intake because like every metal, its main effect is the formation of complexes with proteins and consequently inhibition of its activity.

Institute researchers have published articles in medical journals and the University itself, as Science and Man and Altepepaktli. Community health, the ISP itself. The topics have ranged colloidal silver as a bactericide, the use of disinfectants and water-borne bacteria and food soon to be published a literature review on the silver compounds in health and its consequences.
Coutino Rodriguez said that as far as international research studies the silver only as a technique for protein staining and identification of NORS.

They are less toxicological research and recently increased publications related to alternative treatments that used silver and Argyria.

Colloidal silver in the market
Since the last decade of last century the sale of silver has risen sharply. The purchase is relatively easy, since it gets into food stores, alternative medicine, direct sale and via the Internet. The cost of packaged presentation varies but is never less than 150 pesos. Significantly transform their technical industries to join the silver to proteins such as albumin and gelatin for tiny particles, while smaller silver will have better grip and increased activity.

Another marketing method is through the distribution of information in ensuring that silver is an antioxidant, revitalizing, regenerative cell, germicide and fungicide, immune system stimulant and is highly recommended for plant and animal use.

According to this information, to ingest colloidal silver is recommended that you take with a plastic spoon or lid of the container itself, the substance must leave under the tongue for a minute. For people who are not suffering the indication is to take 5 ml three times daily for three months for the patients should be taken every three hours for half a year, serious people are asked to make 10 ml of silver six times a day for one year, and for the indication is taken from terminal 15 ml per year and a half.

Backed by names of foreign doctors, research in America and England-all conducted before 1990 - and the lack of documents to report on the potential contraindications of colloidal silver consumption, product vendors promise a full or partial remedy in numerous diseases. Among the evils listed are: blindness, warts, acne, allergies, Alzheimer's, HIV / AIDS, appendicitis, asthma, any type of cancer, nasal congestion, dermatitis, diarrhea, gonorrhea, constipation, insomnia, athlete's foot, bubonic plague, rheumatism , varicose veins, gout, malaria, migraine, and can even be used for vaginal douching.