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Swine Flu: The WHO Warns About Possible Pandemic Risk

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"It's a potential pandemic because it is infecting people." said Margaret Chan,the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), about the unknown and strange flu that has killed at least 149 people in Mexico and may have infected up to a thousand.

The alarm is also coming from the U.S., where the virus has infected height people. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the spread of the virus appears to be out of control.

"Be prepared for the worst. The situation is very serious and we are very concerned, and we do not know if we can contain the spread of this virus" said the director of CDC's Public Health, Anne Schuchat.

WHO said Saturday the outbreak of the pandemic is a major and international public health issue. However, the emergency committee of the organization has not yet taken any decision, according to a spokesman for the organization.

The director general of WHO stated that "a new virus is responsible for these cases," and that "the situation is evolving very quickly." Chan also said that "there have been other outbreaks elsewhere in the world" outside Mexico and the U.S..

The WHO has called on all countries to establish immediately whether there are unusual cases of pneumonia or influenza outside the normal season or affecting young adults.

The director of the WHO has denied reports that many health workers were infected. "In Mexico there are two health workers who have contracted the disease, and our experts are studying, with the Mexican authorities, under what circumstances it has occurred," she underlined.

Symptoms like normal flu

The WHO on Friday confirmed the first fatalities (20 so far, although it is investigating another 48 suspect deaths) linked to this mutant virus in Mexico. Eight other non-fatal cases have been registered in the U.S., six in California and two in Texas, of which only one is hospitalized, but authorities in Kansas have identified at least two additional cases and a suspected outbreak at a pivate school in New York, where 75 students, some of whom had traveled to Mexico recently, have begun to suffer yesterday from dizziness, nausea, fever and pain.

The virus causes symptoms like normal flu, but with more diarrhea and vomiting. And it seems to be able to spread from person to person, with makes Health Authorities fearing a possible pandemic.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama, countries near are strengthening the health surveillance at airports, seaports and land borders. They have also intensified surveillance of pigs, poultry and cattle, among other measures.

WHO has issued an action protocol for clinical laboratories in order to early identify positive cases of A/H1N1 virus, the cause of the current cases of swine flu in United States and Mexico. The organization strongly recommends that all samples of suspected cases be shipped as soon as possible to one of the WHO laboratories.

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U.S. Swine Flu confirmed cases:

  • California : 7
  • Kansas : 2
  • New York City : 28
  • Ohio : 1
  • Texas : 2

There are 40 confirmed cases so far in the U.S. but none of them fatal.

Canada also reported 4 cases in Nova Scotia and 2 in British Colombia.

In France, 4 suspect cases were investigated but proved negative.

Death toll continues to increase in Mexico and has reached 149.

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