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Researchers Cast Doubt On Role Of Free Radicals In Aging

For more than 40 years, the prevailing explanation of why we get old has been tied to what is called oxidative stress. This theory postulates that when molecules like free radicals, oxygen ions and peroxides build up in cells, they overwhelm the cells’ ability to repair the damage they cause, and the cells age.

An industry of “alternative” antioxidant therapies -- such as Vitamin E or CoQ10 supplements in megadose format --has sprung up as the result of this theory. However, clinical trials have not shown that these treatments have statistically significant effects.

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Clean Living Way To Beat Cancer

Over 40% of breast and bowel cancer cases in rich countries are preventable through diet, physical activity and weight control alone, experts say.

Simple measures like cycling to work and swapping fatty foods for fruit can make all the difference for these and many other cancers, they say.

Globally, each year there are millions of these preventable cancer cases, the World Cancer Research Fund estimates.

Its report makes recommendations for "clean living" policies.

According to the report, about a third of the 12 most common cancers in high-income countries and about a quarter in lower income countries could be prevented through diet, exercise and weight control.

This include cancers of the throat, lung and bowel.

Not inevitable

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Drinking Tea Reduce Risk of Stroke

Drinking three or more cups of tea a day may significantly reduce the chances of having a stroke, scientists claim.

At least three cups of Indian or Chinese tea reduces the risk of a stroke by more than a fifth, according to researchers.

A major study carried out by scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles found that tea could well be a powerful weapon in the fight against strokes.

"By drinking three cups of tea a day, the risk of a stroke was reduced 21 per cent," said Dr Lenore Arab, professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

The more you drink, the better your odds of staving off a stroke, the professor added.

"That's why these findings are so exciting," Professor Arab said. "If we can find a way to prevent the stroke, or prevent the damage, that is simple and not toxic, that would be a great advance."

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Obesity Virus: Info or Hoax?

According to a news titled Obesity Bug You Can Catch and published today by the Daily Express, researchers believe that obesity could be caused by an airborne adenovirus and could be caught as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands.

"As many as one in three obese people may have become overweight after falling victim to the highly infectious cold-like virus, known as AD-36.

It is known to cause coughs, sore throats, diarrhoea and conjunctivitis but has now also been found to make fat cells multiply, leading to weight gain.

The shocking discovery will add to evidence that Britain’s obesity epidemic is not simply down to an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise."

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