Men’s Skin Care Products Becoming More Acceptable

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Skin products for men are nothing new. In fact, it could be argued that men have been using natural products on their skin for thousands of years. The Greeks reportedly used mud packs and Roman’s covered sensitive areas with natural yogurt to soften the skin and reduce blemishes.

This goes against the classic image that we have of traditional man, being rugged fighting machines who cared little for their looks and did not indulgence in skin care regimes. This is the impression that has been passed down over the generations and even today there is still a certain level stigma surrounding the idea of men “looking after themselves”. That said, over the last 5 years there has been a huge increase in both the level of acceptance and indeed the usage level of men’s skin care products. ‘Metrosexual’ man, as he has often been termed, is now common place in society and our interpretation of him has changed. It is now seen as ‘making an effort’ when a man uses skin products and is almost as acceptable as using hair gel or cologne.

Sales from the major manufactures have been very good in last decade. In Canada alone, there was a 70% increase in men’s skin care product sales in the 6 years between 2003-2008, according to market researcher Euromonitor. The UK and US have seen similar trends and have both reported shifts in buying attitudes from men. However, many of the top skin care product producers have said they have had to seriously adjust their marketing and advertising strategies to appeal more to the male market.

According to L’Oreal, the men’s skin care market leaders, men are more loyal purchasers, but harder to win over the first place. Men tend to stick to what they know and aren’t willing to take the risk on another product that might not be as good. Interestingly, L’Oreal also reports that women are responsible for buying half of men’s skin care products. This might suggest that there are still men unwilling to be seen buying skin care products, or indeed an increase in the amount of women wanting their partners to look after themselves a little better.

There are certainly differences in the ways products are marketed to men. Stereotypical masculine celebrities from film and sport are often used to break down the ‘feminine’ connotations associated with skin grooming products. The packaging is also very different, adopting a minimalist or earthy design aimed at appealing to men’s sense of efficiency and utilitarianism. It seems to be working well in most developed countries, and there are certainly no signs of the male skin care markets slowing down.


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