Hygiene In Bathrooms

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Many people out there really care a lot about the state of a bathroom they are using and too right if you think about just how many disgusting things that live in bathrooms when you do not clean them. So how dirty is dirty and would you use a bathroom that you render to be unclean?

Let’s say you walk into a nice looking restaurant for the very first time, you sit down and order your drinks and then of course after that first sip you need to quickly nip off to the toilet. You get to the door, and before you even enter you can smell the bathroom. You then go ahead to walk in and see there is human waste and urine on the floor, do you carry on doing the business or do you simply walk away and even perhaps leave the restaurant?

Well if you are talking about a business that is open to the public then what I would do is complain to a higher authority because keeping a bathroom in that kind of state is actually a risk to human health.

However, when it comes to the home the first thing to look to clean is actually the sink. Although a lot of people have the belief that the toilet is the worst place when it comes to bacteria it is actually the sink that comes out on top and this is because it is constantly moist and contains plenty of microscopic matter like skin flakes, body oils and bits of food which are all perfect foods for bacteria.

Make sure you clean the sink using the right method otherwise you will not be making any difference to the surface at all.


A lot of the time I really do think that it depends on what sex you are and what you are doing to whether or not you are going to stay in the bathroom or walk out in disgust. For example if a urinal is disgusting I can almost bet money on a male still using it but when it comes to sitting down on the toilet I am not so sure either sex would stay to use it because you are essentially sitting among thousands of bacteria and potentially even something that can pose a risk to your health!

How much you have had to drink also determines whether or not someone will use the toilet and this is because when you are under the influence of alcohol you really couldn’t care less where you did your business and sometimes you are lucky if you even manage to get it into a bathroom let alone a toilet.

So the next time you walk into a bathroom that is filthy I would never recommend you going in it unless you physically have to at that second in time because it could put your health at risk.

Ryan is a keen internet marketer working for a company that sell bathroom suites and he believes it to be disgusting how companies are allowed to keep their public bathrooms in such a state.

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