How to lose weight in retirement

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Once you reach the age of retirement it should be a wonderful time in your life. This should be a time in which you enjoy all the activities which you never had time for while you were working. However, if you are like most of us you put on a little bit of weight through the years. Carrying around even a little extra belly fat can significantly shorten your lifespan. Not to mention it can also limit what activities you will be able to enjoy. Your retirement should be the perfect time to help you lose weight since it will be easier to implement a good exercise program.

Many people in retirement have all the time they need to accomplish whatever goals they would like. The problem with weight loss and exercise is that it is hard to keep motivated to perform the necessary tasks. However, if you want to stay active and enjoy your retirement you must learn to set time aside for exercise. Just remember that a little bit of exercise each day will help keep you fit and strong, and you will be able to enjoy more throughout your retirement.

One of the easiest things you can do to get your exercise in retirement is to buy a treadmill. This may be a little harder for people on a budget; however, many good used treadmills can be found for relatively inexpensive prices. The great thing about a treadmill is you can place it in your home and use it whenever you want to exercise. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself climb aboard the treadmill; however, you can always position it so that you have a view of the television, and you can enjoy your favorite program while getting exercise and losing weight.

Another great way to get exercise in retirement and lose weight is to buy a bicycle. Bicycling is much easier on the knees and legs than running or walking. It also allows you to get out and enjoy nature. Many communities have bike paths and trails which wind through beautiful scenery and stretch for miles.

Finally, another fantastic way to get exercise is to start volunteering. There are many different volunteer jobs which allow you to perform a small amount of physical activity to pitch in. Food pantries and Goodwill stores often need people to help unload trucks and put away merchandise. Also, many counties and cities will use volunteer workers to help keep hiking paths and trails free of garbage and debris. This can be a great way to volunteer and receive exercise.

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