France Bans The Use Of Mobile Phones In Primary School

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The Sarkozy's government wants to limit health risks, despite having no evidence to prove the dangers of electromagnetic radiation

The French government will ban the use of mobile phone in primary school (for children up to twelve years) for health reasons. The measure aims to protect children from possible harm of electromagnetic waves emissions although the effects of these devices have not yet been determined.

Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot, given the uncertainty surrounding the issue and the lack of decisive results, has decided to send a circular to schools'directors to prohibit the use of mobile phones.

In many schools, in fact, mobile phone were already forbidden for other (but obvious) reasons...like avoiding disturbance during class.

Several consumer associations are still not satisfied with this action and call for stronger regulation, asking for example that the prohibition be extended to children under 14.

The controversy about the dangers to health of the electromagnetic waves from mobile phones or other devices is not new.

However, despite the social disruption that sometimes caused the presence of antennas near large concentrations of population, "there is no serious scientific study" to demonstrate that these emissions may be bad for people's health" as stated last year by the European Commission's independent Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) and the Spanish Association of Science Communication (AEPC).

The World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union and various scientific organizations have also denied that there was any evidence that radio waves emitted by mobile phones were harmful to humans or animals.

But in 1990, during the mad cow crisis, France invented something called "le Principe de Précaution" (the precautionary principle) which means that you don't have to wait for scientific evidence and ban a product "just in case".

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